Day 3: Mershins.

According to Google, this is a Power Pod.


Power Pod: Fragile but easy to place with transport, power pod can both secure and buildings and offer amplify, and refuel can help get key slow-moving units into position.

How about it, science?


Saucer: Fragile but necessary; there’s no other unit that can transport the power pod or the nullifier pod.

Man, they're gettin' old and smiley.


Vanguard: Fragile (do I detect a theme, Martians?) but they throw good amounts of boost die and have a useful trigger; these are the workhorses of my force.

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...


Hunter: Nope. A sniper unit without native boost dice? Doesn’t work for me, despite the long range.

Classic example of "Bad Cop/Creepy Blonde Disaffected Cop"


Marauder: Great for the explosion trigger and indirect fire.

I don't have any jokes for this one. And based on this show's ratings, it seems like neither did they. ZING!


Reaper: In a blast-oriented list like mine, the Reaper doesn’t make the cut.



Despoiler: I’ve been on the receiving end of Red Sniper, and I know how damn good it can be. Long range doesn’t hurt, either.

More exciting than a power pod, but with fewer outlets.


Nullifier Pod: Weaken is key for delivering damage to monsters on unit turns, and can help a pack of Vanguards each sniper a unit, for a massive power die upsurge.

Feeble humans! Shiver before my tri-chromatic glory!


Summary: Martian units are fragile, so they won’t stick around for long, but they hit hard, reap power dice, and can either control crowds or blast monsters.