Day 30 ~ When people say a decade ago, you think early 90s

– Your thoughts on blaming the dice?
– If possible, examine a situation in detail that you could blame on the dice. If none readily come to mind, the next time a miss costs you the game come back and edit your blog from today to discuss that game (and please post a status update linking to the fact that it’s updated)
– Examine your monster (both forms) like I did Sky Sentinel above. Consider each stat and ability in light of how it affects the risk you will be taking throughout the game
– What are you conclusions after examining your monster? Are they risk takers or are they risk adverse? Does it depend on the enemy?
– Does your monsters risk aversion line up with your own? Is your monster risky (or safe) enough for your taste?

Did you read it in Scorpion's voice? and then in Fluttershy's voice?

I don’t like the majority of time when people blame dice. I find most people aren’t nearly as good as they think they are and when one does not take responsibility for actions then no learning will occur.

I recall recently handicapping myself playing ultra Grindix vs my friends ultra Ancient Osherath. I tried to blitz a couple of towers of corruption on the first unit turn, but I missed a 2*3 attack vs the first tower. On my first monster turn I threw all my monster dice trying to hit the Pacific Eye. Another miss. I then got hit by the opposing monster who then hit and ran away. With no units on the board and down 3 health I conceded. I knew going in that ultra Grindix is terrible but I wanted to try him one time ever. I also knew the Pacific eye is a trap. No one has ever hit that with a brawl in the history of monpoc with their monster. Only units can hit the Eye. It can fall to power attacks as well, that works. I can’t blame my dice. I knew ahead of time moles are terrible, but I went ahead and did it anyways.

All of Tyrranix’s trucks have speed 6, defense 5, jump, and a total of 6 health (mechanical). This alpha form is quite mobile, it’s rare to not be able to get my trucks where I want. The small size assists in getting base to base contact, while minimizing the opponents chance to do so before I can. Defense 5 is the worst in the game but as morphers they can get cover against blast attacks, this has come in handy innumerable times. 6 health is standard for Radicals, and the mechanical power source requires me to take a repair truck. Many an opponent has been surprised when I go walk on a chemical hazard and take no damage.
The main source of damage is Cletus driving the egg truck. A summoned spikodon with beatback ensures 2 damage even when nothing else is around. Red penetrator saves me dice. The red part only ever comes in when the other truck is blitzing some buildings.
Gearjammer assists his buddy Cletus in nearly every vs. monster attack. Red charge helps keep my dice pool full.

Clearly as these two are brawlers I have no choice but to get mixed up in the action. However in my experience the small size gives me major maneuverability allowing me to get in first hits for massive damage.

Fox-Jaw has red armor piercing which is great for bellowers. This is the only way to get this ability in house. Explosion on a monster turn is great for clearing out units and dealing damage to the opposing monster. Long-range keeps him outta danger.
Gypsy Sunbeam is the mvp of the trucks. Multi-shot on the monster turn is the greatest. Especially when the other trucks can also hit the opposing monster. Red terrify is a great share to Mt. Terra on congested maps like Downtown Beatdown. Indirect fire red + the previous armor piercing red puts me way ahead in dice generation.

Tyrranix is good at one thing, and one thing only, swating for 2 forever. Red rage on a swat generates 3 p-die when attacking a monster. He can surprise people by super strength however. People oft forget that you can hyper up and throw 1 extra square. 6 hps and pedestrian is pretty standard for Radicals. Pedestrian is the worst handicap ever though.

I feel risk-adverse in general and morphers encourage a unit-monster-unit-monster playstyle, until the final turns when Tyrranix has achieved board control and power attacks the opponent down. I feel it plays into my strengths. Tyrranix wins the unit game and Radical units got the blasting triggers to keep units dead. Red command and speed 6 flying units disrupt any building secures.

Mileena Mare

Been playin’ a lot of MK9 recently, learnin’ combos, but I got a ways to go before I’m any good. Anyone want to play on XBL lmk.