Day Thirty-One: Grand Re-Opening

So let’s start with a look back on my original list. The army list I started with read like this:

Mechathugrosh (Ultra)

2 Mecha Task Masters
1 S1 Robo Brontox
1 Elite C-Type Shinobi
2 Shadow C-Type Shinobis
2 Shadow Gate
3 Sun Drones
2 Interceptors

1 Privateer Press Building
1 Government Building
1 Pacific Eye
1 Newspaper Office
3 Skyscraper
2 Hotel
1 Downtown High-Rise
1 Telecom Company
1 Radio Telescope

Downtown Beatdown

This was quite a… a list. Some of these choise look pretty reasonable. Others just make me wonder why. A Telecom Company? Sure, it was a good idea in theory. The scheme was to combine the Telecom Company’s green Self Destruction blast trigger along with the C-Type Shinobi to insure that Mechathugrosh always had something to Transport in. In practice, if there’s nothing to Transport, there’s something to Tow. Downtown Beatdown? It’s a good map if you’re not sure what map to pick, but Highway to Hellevue works with my army much better.

I went into this knowing that Mechathugrosh was a versatile monster, but I made the mistake of assuming this meant my units could concentrate almost entirely on constructing the massive power base Mc’Grosh likes so much. I slowly but surely realized that my units had best be able to fight things, and that I should have more Amplify in case my structures get knocked down. So, in came the Robo Squix and the non-Sentient RoBros. I’ve discovered that units can do a lot more than latch on to structures and possibly shoot each other.

Day Seven and Day Eight were probably two of my best posts. Between the two of them, I took a deep look at what map I do my best playing on, and how to handle starting things off on the map I do the worst on. The dawning realization that Highway to Hellevue was an ideal map for my army was honestly really pleasing. I’ve always liked the idea behind Highway to Hellevue, it’s a fascinating thing to have the practical center line of the map not be the physical line down the middle.
I spent hours messing around on Vassal for Day Eight. Hours. I spent it examining every means of kicking off the game that I could think of, looking for maximum opportunity and security. I still get the urge, every now and then, to go back and re-visit it. I just feel like I could’ve spent more time it, looked for other options. That said, I managed to come up with several solid openings, and prove to myself that I can make even the worst circumstances work.

Day Six opened my eyes, albeit accidentally, to the idea of the Seven Vital Structures -an idea I have applied to pretty much every army I’ve planned. I’m pretty pleased with the idea, because it means I don’t have to fret so much if my opponent lays Boardwalk Brawl on the table and I only get to place seven of my structures on the map. That, my friends, was a big deal. Still is, I think. Maybe I’m just playing my own horn here, but I like the idea.

So let’s have a look at what my list looks like right now:
Mechathugrosh (Ultra)

Robo Squix
Elite Robo Squix
Robo Brontox
Elite Robo Brontox
S1 Robo Brontox
Shadow C-Type Shinobi
Elite C-Type Shinobi
Mecha Task Master
Sun Drone (2)
Shadow Gate

Seven Vital Structures:
Skyscraper (2)
Hotel (2)
Privateer Press
Government Building
Newspaper Office

The Other Five Structures:
Newspaper Office
Insurance Company HQ (2)
Radio Telescope

Highway to Hellevue

You may notice I’ve dropped the Pacific Eye for another Insurance Company HQ. I’ve taken to hindering monster and unit movement using my 6 Defense structures, and I decided I wanted another one that didn’t have distressingly good odds of knocking down other blocking structures if and when a ground-bound monster takes it out. The oft-mentioned Cthulabite is there, of course. I like to think he’s just filling in for the eventual Collaborator Multi-Shot unit. There’s a little more shooty in the force over all, which makes it more viable both in the unit-against-unit fight and for taking shots at monsters. All in all, I think I’ve come a long way towards my original goal: Better understanding of Mechathugrosh and other Swiss-army knife monsters that don’t focus on straight-up attacking. This is the end of the beginning. Maybe I’ll do all this again with another monster. Maybe. But first, I’m going to play some Pok√©mon.