Design-A-Map For the New Year!

This Monsterpocalypse community can claim a number of positive things, but one that often goes without praise is creativity. In the vacuum created by a lack of official Privateer Press updates or figures, Monsterpocalypse players have shown their ability to not only dream and talk about things that might improve or expand the game, but also to aggressively pursue those things. Whether it’s the ambitious Project V, the homemade Quantums, all of the suggested errata throughout this game’s history, or the Monsterpocalypse-themed Burning Wheel session at MonCon – all of us really know how to make this universe tick even when it could easily remain idle.

We started an official TC project 6 months ago in order to provide something new to be excited about and to incite new tactical and strategic considerations. That project, Covenant Maps, has been going strong ever since. Many jumped on in order to participate in and read the evolving story set in the Monsterpocalypse universe, or to play their favorite monsters in scenario games where “destruction” was not the win condition. And of course some, if not most, joined just to get a new landscape on which to play this unique and brilliant game. We sincerely hope that all of you are more than satisfied with what you have received in the past, and what you can expect to receive in the future.

Given these two facts – that this community is remarkably creative, and that Covenant Maps provides a platform for this kind of creativity to excite and expand the game – it only makes sense that each member be given the chance to design a map. We started the Design-A-Map contest as an additional facet of the Holiday Sale. However, it really does deserve its own spotlight. With all of the ideas bustling through this community, implementing one on a brand new map is, well, necessary!

We’re going to be running this until the end of January. We’ll have released the January Covenant Map by then, and the winner of the contest will be the lead designer for the March map. They will be working intimately (I’m sticking by my word choice here) with Steven and Robert on every aspect of the map, including playtesting. We hope that this will not only be an inside look at how these maps get made, tested, and produced, but also a fun and engaging process for anyone even remotely interested in game design. And, of course, your name will be in the footnotes of the map itself.

Harumph! I deny that this map is unbalanced! Open your mind!

On February 1st, we’ll announce the winner. If you want that name to be yours, here’s how the contest works:

1. Every current map subscriber will receive 1 entry into the contest.

2. Every person who subscribes to the Maps program from now until January 31st will receive 1 entry into the contest.

3. This is the kicker: Every person who refers someone to the Maps program will receive 4 entries into the contest. (They write your name and email address in
the “gift message” section.)

It’s that simple. The best way to increase your odds (we know all about odds!) is to get a few friends to jump on board. You get to spread the joy of new Monsterpocalypse content and promote the game while also giving yourself a greater chance to permanently contribute to Monsterpocalypse history. So send your friends to the Covenant Maps page and tell them why they should join, or head over there yourself and give it a shot. Remember, you can always unsubscribe at any time.

Again, to all of our current subscribers, we cannot thank you enough. You’re enabling something truly special to occur. To those yet to subscribe – now is an excellent time. In a month we’ll know who gets to join the team and contribute to a brand new Monsterpocalypse setting. We cannot wait to share the joy that is creating and sharing a unique piece of the Monsterpocalypse universe.


  1. So does that mean that if you’re in the program, you’re automatically put into the drawing?

    Just curious.

    Jeremy would be more interested in this than me, but if he gets picked, I could definitely help out.