Do you know the muffin man? — Day 4

Ok, time to look at our cousins, the Moles.

Although Spazz must have secretly sacrificed to the dark lords of Cthul to get Pathfinder to work against me in our last game, I am not sold on Pathfinder. However, the Groundbreaker does have Flank. In conjunction with its speed of 6 and Burrow that makes it an attractive choice. However, with its low DEF will it still be there when I need it?

Mollok Beserker
While Brawlers benefit from his Red Beserk, one potential use I see is as a solo, trading 4A for 3P when needed. Go out Brawl a DEF 2 unit for an 85% chance to hit, get 2P with Rage and then another 1P from Riled when my opponent destroys it. He could certainly help out the Snatcher or Tanglix. And having Jump he can attack figures with Flight.

Molluk Brute
Get 2 Grunts next to the Elite and you’ve got a 3A 8B powerhouse. Combine with Flank and they have a 91% chance to hit a DEF 7 monster. With Reach from Quantum Cthugrosh one has threat range of 8. When Moles get Installations and Blue Fortified becomes useful then they are potentially 3A 11B. And if you are brave put a Mollok Beserker behind the Elite and add 2B or 3B depending on if they are in a line or not. An Elite and a Grunt could operate as a pair hitting DEF 2 at 98% and 3 at 95% and DEF 4 at 85%. Of course the downside is that they are targets for Explosion and Chain Reaction. They also have Jump so they can attack figures with Flight.

Mollok Mortar
Speed 4 but with Burrow. Slightly better DEF than the Spitter at 3. It’s got a short range blast so might need some help from Radar. Power Drain is nice since 1P is sometimes all the difference. Since the bulk of my unit turns are Multi-shot he would probably be sitting on the Sidelines most of the time.

Grinder Tank
Speed 5 with Burrow is decent. DEF 4 gives it some staying power. Although the Elite only contributes 1B to an attack, just by participating in an attack, Brawl or Blast, the roll can be re-rolled if missed. Great for those rolls around 85% to hit and especially for those higher percentage rolls that miss. Not sure how useful Flak is. I can’t recall the last time I missed Triggering Multi-Shot, although I will certainly keep this unit in mind if I ever feel the need for Marker.

Speed 4 with Burrow is passable. But a native Tow is a must have. And that I get it without paying a spawn tax is great. I know some people take the Glass unit for Red Abduct so any Cthul unit can help Abduct those pesky units you can’t kill otherwise. Always take a Grunt version, might consider the Glass version for Red Abduct.

Ral Kurrilik
Speed 5 with Burrow is decent. Not a unit to keep next to Ulgoth, but he could get another B-die out of a Multi-Shot. At DEF 4 (DEF 5 with cover) Side Step might be useful if Ral is on a spawn point and is missed with an attack, thus saving a bump spawn. Or in combo with Flank get 2P out of an enemy unit.

Overall the strengths of these units are brawling and mobility not in Speed but in Burrow, weakness is blasting both in range and strength.

Certainly some possibilities for including a few of these units in my list.