Do you know the Muffin Man? (Day 7) — The fields of pain

After publishing realized a lot of text got lost on my primary map; thought I was saving every change. Added what I remembered, hopefully comments will fill in the gaps as well as give other thoughts.

Primary map: Block War

With its open lanes it gives my slower units some mobility. I can get cover easily for what it’s worth when most lists contain Spotter or Armor Piercing. My Cthulabites have places to go in the center as well as around the center. The double foundations in the NE and SE corner can be secured on one unit turn due to the proximity of 3 spawn points. The center building arrangement works for and against me as even speed 6 units starting on the middle two spawn points have to either go around if pedestrian, or stop short with Flight, Jump, or Burrow. With the Neutral spawn point secured I can easily reach the opponent’s corner power base to disrupt with a speed 5 unit like the Mollok Beserker and even brawl a securing unit. The Power points are easy to grab as well as the Negative Zone on my side.

This map gives Ulgoth safe places to go around the edges of the map to avoid getting smashed into buildings, though Hazardous units remain a threat. The inside lanes both have a building at the end into which Ulgoth can be smashed. And except for the corner where I place my PP Building Ulgoth is open to a Body Slam everywhere without screening. Ulgoth has to avoid sitting where he can get Body Slammed unto two buildings at once, there are 4 locations where there a 2 foundations adjoining each other. There are also locations that afford smashing goodness, as long as it is not Ulgoth. There are two locations (where the Smash would end on two buildings) where Smashing does a minimum of 6 if Ultra Ulgoth is doing the smashing. And of course two locations that do a minimum of 5 if Ulgoth does the Smashing (the row of three north-south buildings).

The center building arrangement affects monsters in the same way as it effects units. Only a speed 7 monster can cross directly through the middle with all buildings up. Several places on the map only requires two screening units as long as the buildings are standing. This map does give monsters with Flight,Jump and Burrow a lot of freedom to move about.

I have hardly played on this map, but like the opportunities it gives Ulgoth. This analysis has shown me where to look for opportunities to deal the maximum damage to my opponent. It has shown me where the best places are for screening. It has shown me ways to disrupt my opponent. I think I am in a better position to win on this map having done this.

Secondary map: Grapple in the Garden

Of all the other maps this map gives my opponent (at least an opponent without Flight, Jump, Burrow or even Climb) few places to hide from Ulgoth. It will require me to destroy two buildings to deny him hiding spots, or even grab one of those foundations with a Tower which he must destroy. Even those hiding spots must be screened to avoid Ulgoth brawling him. If he hides in the corner and screens I can take a back to back starting with a Swat for 2. Of course in such a situation Beat Back is a concern and before crossing some buildings will have to fall first. And if I have a mid-board Hellfont healing will be available. I will be able to place a PP Building on one of the two corner foundations, but will have to screen Ulgoth against being Body Slammed, or even Rammed if he is low on health. With an open middle and speed boosts enemy units will be hard to stop even with Mire. However, I will have no trouble setting up Multi-Shots without clumping. I can also team up my Mollok Beserker and Oppressor to brawl some units. My Towers will be forward enough to even threaten some Transmutations on blasts, but not so forward that they are easily brought down. Of course I have never played on this map so all this will be easier said than done and someone who has played it will thrash me soundly.

As I said I have never played on this map. If I do find myself on it I feel I am not without some recourse to win.

A bad map: Killer Canals

Units plus transporters = unit goodness, but also works against me. Healing just about anywhere on the map. Ulgoth trapped behind buildings against a blasting Beat Back monster or a mobile one (Flight, Burrow, Jump, Climb) with blasting Super Damage will eat him for lunch. Ulgoth will have to waste time taking down buildings instead of attacking the enemy monster. Perhaps Stomping a cluster of buildings to give him some breathing room might help. Ulgoth will be fighting an uphill battle on this map.

I have never played on this map, and I hope I never have to with Ulgoth. If I do, then I will have to give myself some breathing room. Ultra Ulgoth may have to resort to blasting, but that is very P-die instensive. Maybe get off a Super Damage Swat or two by towing an enemy unit next to a well-positioned Tanglix.