Dothraki Knights of the Hollow Hill

Okay – in the spirit of deck submission and comment, I’m putting up a deck I’m just building now. All comments welcome. It’s a little odd because I’ve not seen anyone play KotHH with a Dothraki theme, but after testing it a couple of times using Dothraki – it seems to do pretty well (even without the set up). This one is majorly tweaked from the last one I played to add some more reducers and add’l Shagga-ish cards to try and combat Choke. (Note that it’s running the incredibly awesome Incinerate, so the deck isn’t Tournament legal for the current season – this is just for meta plays.)

One of the things I’d noticed when playing Dothraki was the difficulty of getting enough power early when encountering any deck that has the ability to Rush. So, I’ve added Pyat Pree for some potential targeted kill (if I can make her deadly, all the better). I’ve also added Aegon’s Blade to add Renown to my heavy hitter Dothraki cards (such as Drogo’s Horde which can often come in for almost free and allows Weapon attachments). So, then I’d have an 8 strength Army with Renown AND Deadly in play. Pretty awesome if it works. I’d thought about adding the Cavalry, but it’s harder to reduce and doesn’t allow Weapon attachments (though it already has Renown), so I opted for Drogo’s Horde as I’m not really counting on the discard effect – there’s enough kill power here that the weenies tend to be dead pretty quickly anyway.

The deck’s biggest weakness is Intrigue, so I’ve added 2X Tears of Lys. Also, it has the capability, with Blood-Crazed Screamer, of initiating TWO military challenges a turn. In order to capitalize on that, I’m running three 2 claim plots. I chose Wildfire Assault rather than Valar as my reset because, in my meta, there tend to be a lot of saves and they end up with three characters left anyway. If I use this, I’m not reducing my claim to zero and if one of those characters happens to be Khal, I’m searching my deck for at least three more Dothraki. I’m going with the increasingly standard First Snow, followed by Rule By Decree – but Forgotten Plans is showing up more often, so I may need to switch that first plot out… and Rule By Decree isn’t always a sure thing to follow it (especially if First Snow got blanked).

One thing I’m not sure about yet is whether I want Deadly Khalasar for the stand effect (which is in here right now) or Overwhelming Numbers to gain the potential unopposed challenge. Deadly Khalasar couples great with Blood-Crazed Screamer IF you kill a character. Overwhelming Numbers can be more devastating depending on the House you’re up against.

So, without further ado, here’s the list – I haven’t tested this, so feel free to be brutal and challenge my choices. It’s at 62 cards right now, so not optimized.

Dothraki Test (62)

House (1)
House Targaryen (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Knights of the Hollow Hill (MotM) x1

Plot (7)
The First Snow of Winter (ODG) x1
Wildfire Assault (Core) x1
Search and Detain (HtS) x1
Siege of Riverrun (KotS) x1
Twist of Fate (APS) x1
Retaliation! (ASoSilence) x1
Rule by Decree (Core) x1

Character (29)
Aggo (RoR) x2
Blood-Crazed Screamer (MotM) x3
Bloodrider (MotA) x2
Dothraki Handmaiden (DB) x3
Drogo’s Horde (IG) x2
Jhogo (OSaS) x2
Khal Drogo (QoD) x2
Khaleesi’s Faithful (TGM) x2
Rakharo (IG) x2
Refugee of the Plains (RoW) x3
Bitter Crone (IG) x2
Dragon Thief (AE) x2
Pyat Pree (QoD) x2

Location (15)
Vaes Dothrak (IG) x2
Street of Steel (LoW) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
Eastern Fiefdoms (Core) x3
Lady Daenerys’s Chambers (Core) x2
Meereen Tourney Grounds (ODG) x1
Meraxes (TBC) x1
Summer Sea (Core) x3
Kingsroad Fiefdom (QoD) x1

Event (8)
Deadly Khalasar (IG) x3
Incinerate (VM) x3
The Price of War (KotS) x2

Attachment (10)
Aggo’s Bow (RoR) x2
Jhogo’s Whip (OSaS) x2
Rakharo’s Arakh (IG) x1
Aegon’s Blade (Core) x3
Tears of Lys (AToT) x2