Feature Highlight #1 – Sell to Covenant TCG

Because there are a wide array of features spread across our network of websites, it is difficult for any one user to take full advantage of everything offered. In response to this, I’ve decided to do a highlight feature every week. Hopefully this will help you get more out of our websites.

This week the feature that I wanted to let more of you in on is the ‘Sell’ feature over on our community site. If you aren’t already a member, you’ll catch on eventually! But in the meantime, the rest of us are going to be saving money, making easier trades, and becoming better players without you. Oh snap! Sign up already!

Now on to that feature. Below you will see what I currently see when I click collection:


You’ll notice on the bottom right there is now a ‘Tradable List’. We added this so that you could separate things you won’t trade (for me Sky Sentinel) from things you will trade! Now look above my collection at the horizontal links. You’ll see one entitled ‘Sell’. Let’s click it.

Sell Page

What you see above is two separate lists. On the left, is everything that is on Covenant TCG’s ‘want’ list. Basically there is a 90%+ chance of us paying you cash or store credit for the products on this list. You can filter it by game, faction, rarity, etc. On the right (if you have added products to your collection) you will see a list of things that are on Covenant TCG’s ‘want’ list that are on your ‘have’ or ‘tradable’ list.

You can see Mega Sky Sentinel on the list on the right, so let’s just say I wanted to sell it to Covenant TCG. I click on the check box.

Picture 4

I only have 1, so I’ll change the number I want to sell to 1. Then I’ll click the trade button on the bottom right.

You can see in the picture above it shows what I am offering to Covenant. You can change the ‘type’ to cash or leave it at store credit. The estimated offer now appears. $27.98 store credit for my Sky Sentinel… Hmmm. Tempting. Let’s see what happens when I change it to cash and fill some things out.

Picture 6
So I wanted cash instead and now the offer is at $20.98. I selected paypal as the payment type (the other option is a check in which you’d have to enter the address you wanted the check sent to). So I had to enter my paypal email. I also left a little message about the trade. Then I went ahead and clicked submit.

Picture 7

A pop-up window tells me the trade has been submitted. Then I can click the Covenant Trades on the collection page (where you are redirected) and see any offers I’ve sent in. If Covenant hasn’t acted on the trade yet, the option to cancel is available. Let’s see what happens when Covenant responds.

Picture 8
A few minutes later when I am scanning the homepage for new articles on the games I play, etc. I get a message in my inbox. So I’ll click inbox and click on the message.

Picture 9
Oh. It’s a message from Covenant TCG politely telling me that they don’t need my Mega Sky Sentinel at this time.

So that’s it. Get over to the community site and sell Covenant TCG those miniatures that have been sitting on your shelf for a month! This is a great way to “trade in” what you aren’t using anymore in order to buy what you actually need. It also helps benefits every single Monpoc player. If you’ve got a lot of Martian units lying around that you haven’t played in two months, trade them in! There’s more than a few Martian players that will be happy to have access to them.


  1. Very interesting. I’d seen the feature but hadn’t tried it out… Let’s face it, I’ve got barely enough to play with now, so trading it in isn’t the best bet for me… yet. I’m hoping to get my hands on enough stuff that selling to Covenant is a viable option though.

  2. I tried to use this and it’s not very usable for multiple pages. My example was I want to Sell Ares Mother ship.. on page one and Terra Khan on page 2 … I couldn’t get them both on one batch.. I think this works ok for 1 unit.. but multiple pages/batches doesn’t work to well

  3. Will, are all your products on your collection? The list on your right when viewing the page are things we want that you have (which makes most of what you would want to trade in on one page). We are going to update this as soon as we can and you will be able to add products from multiple pages. If you have any other requests about this feature please divulge.

  4. What I believe William is saying here is that if you click the check box for a figure on the first page, then click next page to add another figure, the first one doesn’t stick.

    I’m sure we can get this fixed asap.

  5. Yes I understand. What I’m saying is that if your collection is on the site, then most of the products you want to trade SHOULD be on the first page on the list that appears on the right of the sell page. We are going to get this fixed right after the forums are installed. 🙂