Finding My Oasis – Day 0

I’ve been incredibly inspired by the past few months of Mastering Monsterpocalypse. The end of Spazz’s Day 31 was the final push needed to get me to take a step away from all of the other things at Covenant and really flesh out, for the first time, how best to play Aquosia. This will be an interesting journey, given that I have been playing her for so long, but perhaps much can be gained from another look at the very foundations of my favorite monster. I sincerely request that everyone reading will help me in my decisions. I’ve grown tunneled in my vision of what she is and how she plays, and wish for that to be challenged.

I'm baaack, and I'm betta than eva.


Of course Day 0 has to start with the grand question. I’m unwilling to do a dual-monster Mastering Monsterpocalypse, so this waffle needs to get eaten right away. There’s the Ultra..

I'm standard, but beautiful. I have a distinct playstyle with Annihilate and Quick.


And then there’s the Mega…

I can blast for 2 from long range and make my own screens. I have Jump!


And so we have the eternal dilemma. Which of these two forms will be taken on this journey? Ultra with 6 DEF, 5 Health, or Mega with 5 DEF, 6 Health? Ultra with Annihilate Swats and Quick, or Mega with Weapon Master blasts and Jump? 5 Hyper cost Ultra or 4 Hyper cost Mega? I’ll be up all night pondering the validity of each, and it’s up to someone out there to bring me sanity. Please…quickly…