Froggies Map Guide – Mean Streets

Mean Streets as it’s nick named, wasn’t always as it is now.  It use to be know as Sweet Streets.  Some of the best bakers and chocolatiers worked at the local markets along the river.  The chocolate crossiants were the best in the world.  Rival bakers came to test their skills along Bakers Row.  The competition to be the best proved to be the undoing of Sweet Streets.  Some of the bakers starting calling on Dark Powers to make their cinnamon rolls even better.  These dark bakeries turned into Towers of Corruption.  These fiends starting using their delicious pastries as lures to change people into meat slaves for their Monster overlords.  Things started to really look grim, until Hurricanus blow into town.  She has taken this city under her protection, and protects it like a Hurricane.  The Fiends have been pushed out, but some of the dark bakers yearn for their masters back, and it’s only a matter of time before something Ancient, and Evil is summoned.

Red Side Vs Blue Side:

Except for two adjacent buildings on the east side this map mostly mirrors each side.  The two foundations at L8 and N9 make Mean Streets asymmetrical.  The map is very dense with 20 foundations, but there is only 2 foundations that are adjacent to each other.  Monsters with Beat back or Toss will find that there is always a building that the opponent can be knocked into, but with with so few foundations adjacent your damage output is going to be a lot less.

A word from our Minions:

Mean Streets terrainThe Spawn zones for both sides are set up with a heavy leaning toward the East side of the map.  The two neutral spawn zones are also both on the East side of the map, one is at K9 and the other is at Q9.  There are 2 rough terrain spots directly west of the neutral spawn at K9.  This makes sending units west that don’t have a movement ability very tricky.  There’s also a river of water terrain that can critically alter movements of units who can’t move over water.  With the layout of the buildings and the limited avenues, units moving west from the East side will have some trouble if they don’t have a movement ability.  There is a power zone next to a foundation that’s within 2 spaces of a spawn zone, but you need to be able to move over water to get to it.  There’s also 3 power zones that’s within 6 of the two West side spawn zones.  It only takes 4 if you have jump or burrow to get to one.  With two starting spawn zones next to a building the East side is the best location for building a power base.  The east side has 3 buildings that can be secured with 4 units.  This is the main area to build a power base, and because of this and the spawn zone locations it’s the prime area for unit combat.

Pockets & Lanes:

There’s lots of pure building pockets on this map.  Most of the pockets tend to be near the monster starting placements, but both the read and blue side have one more forward pocket on the East side.  The Red side pocket is a little harder to get to then the blue side.  Pedestrian monsters have a single lane to move north and south, and it sends them down toward the heart of enemy spawn zones.  The blue side favors the pedestrian monster as it has a pocket at K10 that it can get to without having to move over buildings.  It’s also not hard for the red player to make it to that point, so turn order matters.  The West side of the map has a wall of foundations around it that makes it difficult for even fast monsters to cross.  These layers of buildings will buy you some time before the enemy monster can move into position to attack.  At N7 you can make a stomp that will take down 4 buildings.  There’s other spots where you can knock down 3, but only 1 where you can get 4.  It’s a bit easier for the red player to do this, so if your looking for a big opening stomp the red side might be better suited.  Rampages work a little better after a few buildings have been cleared.

Monster Vs Morpher:

With most of the buildings spread out there’s fewer spots for a good opening secure on this map then with others.  There’s one spot where a Morpher can help to secure 3 buildings, but if you Place a building with Live Wire in one of those spots you have a good chance of deterring that placement, or getting an opening point of damage.  There’s one foundation that has 2 spawns zones next to it, which makes it a prime spot for the Newspaper Office.  If you can place some other building there before the opposing player then you can really mess up any power base that they might have.  There is a lot of water on this map, but not enough to do the Manly Morpher retreat, also there’s no corner foundations to do the Hyper up along the edge trick.  With the way the foundations are layout and how the roads go, as a Morpher you can be in some spots that lets you avoid lots of collisions with buildings.  With some good building placements this map can play as well for regular monsters as it can for Morphers.  Neither side has any real advantage over the other, but turn order can be a factor.  There are foundations that are next to both starting Monster spaces so a first turn Live Wire attack is possible.  The West side is a little more vulnerable to this.  The east side is a little cluttered which makes getting into position for the attack tricky.