Froggies Map Guide – Road To Ruin

Red Side Vs Blue Side

There are subtle difference between the Red and Blue sides, but neither has any real advantage over the other.  The blue side has less water along its edge of the map then the red side.  There’s a few differences in rough terrain, but over all the two sides mirror each other.  This map has the second most foundations with 28 so there will be 4 yellow foundations left blank.  You’ll want to plan ahead for which ones you want to leave open, and which ones you’ll want to close off.  Placement is going to be important on this map.  If your looking to slow your opponent down and box them in then placing High Def buildings  along the sides will make things harder for some monsters to get to the middle.

A word from our Minions:

Road To Ruin TerrainFrom here onward I’m going to say that the Red Side is North.  This will make it easier for me to describe locations and placements.  Road to Ruin has 5 spawn zones for each side.  There are 3 Neutral spawn zones.  The 2 on the East side of the map are in close proximity to 2 starting spawn zones.  The one on the West side is 6 space away from either the Red or Blue sides.  The placement of the spawn zones makes it easier to bring out units on the East side of the map.  There’s several spots to secure 2 or more buildings with 3 units, and you can secure 3 buildings with 4 units.  However it’s important to note that the buildings along the middle row are not to difficult to disrupt.  It’s only 5 spaces from enemy spawn zones to the edge of the opponents middle row of buildings.  A unit with 8 speed, (G1 I’m talking about you), can fly from starting spawn to the lane between the opponents building which makes disrupting a power base very easy.  There’s 5 power zones in the middle lane.  Building placement will be a big deal if you have amplify units that don’t have any movement ability, like Robo Brontox, Earth Avatar, or Tanker Truck.  If you leave the East inner Yellow foundation open then your 4 speed units can reach a power zone,  If you leave the middle inner Yellow foundation open then two of your units with speed 5 can make the center power zones.  The power zones are also slightly favoring the East side.  Monsters who wish to avoid unit damage will want to hang back in the West Corner, and try and hold the western Neutral spawn zone.  There’s a rough terrain (tree) on the Western side at D7 and D11 that can give units without a movement ability trouble if they have to go around buildings to get to the center lane.  For the most part the rough terrain is scatter around the map and neither side has any real advantage over the other.Pockets and Lanes

Pockets & Lanes:

This map doesn’t favor pedestrian monsters.  The East side is a little more open form the monster to make it to the center of the map.  It the West most Yellow foundation is filled It would take a monster with a move of 7 and a movement ability to get over those buildings.  Both the Red and Blue sides have open lanes of movement along their edge of the map.  Long range blasts with radar can hit targets in the center row up to the power zone.  Pedestrian monsters will have to clear some buildings before then get get going.  Generally the battle gets started when monsters make there way to the center row.  While big smashes are there, most power attacks tend to be throws or body slams going north south.  With out any blast pockets on the map Blasting monsters tend to stay along their back wall unless they have some way of building up screens on their turn.  Without any pockets, turn order becomes more important for screening your monster.

Monster Vs Morpher:

Morphers can help secure a number of buildings right off the bat on this map, but there best spots are vulnerable to buildings with Live Wire.  Sense there aren’t any foundations with 2 starting spawns next to it Buildings with Discount tend to work very well on this map.  Intel is still very good on this map but not as good as on some.  There are no corner foundations on this map so you can’t do the hyper up along the edge trick, and because of the way the water terrain is laid out, you can’t do the mainly Morpher retreat.  For morphers the back west most Yellow foundation is a good place for a building.  With those buildings you can keep a nice morpher sized blast pocket, and keep safe from brawls and most power attacks.  Monsters with Super rampage can rack up the power dice fast on this map.  Once some buildings are destroyed monsters with Super Stomp can really start to clear space.  With so many power zones and buildings being easy to secure, it can still be difficult to generate lots of power from a power up.  Buildings are easy to disrupt and a lot of the unit fighting tends to happen in the center making it difficult even for sturdy units to last long.  Monsters or Morphers with an ability like Toss, or Beat Back can do very well on this map because of the high number of foundations.  Getting that first big hit can often times lead to a big counter attack, so timing and turn position is important.  Over all I would say they play very even on this map.


One monster that I like for this map is Mega Mechathugrosh.  The center row of power zones works well with the alpha forms restoration ability.  He can build his own screen or break an opponents screen.  The sturdy Robo Brontox and the UCI MRV can use Underground Network to get to the center power zones even if all the front row buildings are in place.  I like the Mega over the Ultra on this for the Long range blast.  I like Ultra Galaxius-4 on this map too.  Toss can do a lot of damage here and Arsia Outposts with No Fly Zone and High Defense can slow down enemy units and monsters alike.  The hyper form with 7 speed and flight can retreat to it’s back wall, and if it’s on the Red side it can hyper down over water and reposition 2 of it’s units to help secure a building or move them to a safer location.