GenCon 2011 – The Finals [Video]

Another Monsterpocalypse match has come down the pipe! This is the final match of GenCon 2011 between Steven Wooley [Mega Legionnaire] and Phillip Bowlds [Mega Yasheth]. Enjoy!

Also, be sure to check the beginning and ending of this video in order to see a few surprises…

  1. A couple notes:

    – 2 or 3 towers are my maximum, due to low defense and high reward for brawling. I do not want them on my opponents side of the board, I want them in a place where I force my opponent to make a tough decision in order to destroy them.

    – On the swat attack, I could not get a power die when destroying Tornadus because I had none available (5 in play that I needed to hit Legionnaire, and the other 5 were already earned).

    – That was a shadow task master. I choose not to swat because neither the flank on the task master or the weaken would work against the second roll (and Legionnaire’s 7 defense), since it’s not an “attack”.

    – Next time … I probably would not bring Mega Yasheth at all. In my book, there are only maybe 8 to 10 top tier monsters, and Yasheth is not one of them. Ancient Osheroth is my monster of choice, but I used him in the previous round, so Yasheth was who I was stuck with.

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  2. I have to argue that Mega Yasheth is a top tier monster (regardless of how many their are). His defense, healing, damage, mobility, etc. give him everything he needs to get the job done. Surprised that you don’t think he is top tier honestly. Might not be as insanely powerful as Osheroth, but certainly in the top cut.

  3. While the Mega form is amazing, Yasheth is yet another monster with an alpha that brings very little to the table. The monsters that make it into what I consider the top tier are more versatile, they typically do at least one thing really well in each of there forms.

    We’re talking Osheroth (reach-beatback and healing & screen busting annihilator), Tyrranix (which does nearly EVERYTHING well in alpha & the swat king), Laser Knight (which has access to easy 2 damage attacks and is super beefy in both forms). Hell, even alpha Zor Maxim’s ability to jump and power attack, while nothing all that uncommon, pairs amazingly with his Mega, since it is very hard to defend against both!

    What does Alpha Yasheth bring to the table against a high defense monster? Not really anything. Every once and a while, he can heal one way or another (which, I think I got a leach in my very first attack, against a morpher alpha). Other than that?

    Sorry to rant. It’s not that Yasheth is a bad monster, he just cannot compete with the big dogs.

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  4. I’ll make the case for alpha Yasheth, because there is something that form DOES do incredibly well — absorb damage. It has LEACH, and by your third unit turn you can easily have built up enough units to land 1 monster damage and use BLEED as well to heal twice. Add 3 hyper-cost into hyper-mobile ANNHILATE, and you have one of the best flexing monsters in the game.

    Plus on a razed area of map, VAMPIRISM(brawl) gives you pretty much the same level of offense as ANNIHILATE does. It can be huge when they’ll have to come get you in order to land real damage.

    I agree that a healing monster with super-damage on power attacks and a mobility power on its offensive form AND healing AND cloak AND some of the game’s meanest units is easily top tier — thus proving once and for all that I am, in fact, Zach Bunn.

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  5. I have to disagree here. You have a 6 defense monster who heals like few other monsters. Not only do you have leach, but you also get Vampirism AND power sink. The issue with Alpha Yasheth is that if you’re going to damage him you had better be ready to kill him.

    Granted, Alpha Yasheth does not do well on the wrong side of the board. However, that’s what makes the Mega so great… the built in cloak with 7 defense can be used to force your opponent to cross. If you do that, any damage your opponent can do is healed all too easily. Because of only having a hyper cost of 3, you can always flex down to take damage, get power dice form power sink, and prepare to heal.

    If you want to use Alpha Yasheth in the same way that you can use Alpha Osheroth, sure he doesn’t bring the same things to the table. But if used properly, that Alpha is absolutely disgusting to deal with. If flexing is timed right, this monster is really difficult to kill.

    You say they are more versatile AND do one thing well… don’t those contradict? I think that Alpha Yasheth is one of the greatest ‘meat shields’ (damage soakers) in the game.

  6. You all make good points for Alpha Yasheth, but I have yet to see it work as well as you describe in game against a top tier monster. I do know one thing though: he definately does not mesh with my playstyle well.

    Zach: Maybe versitile is the wrong word, but it’s the best one I could think of. Like MZM is a good example of two forms that each does one thing well (and one form does it’s thing amazingly well), but those two things are not the same. Dynastavus is, on the other hand, a monster where each form does the same thing well. She’s a bit maddening because she should be amazing, but she just falls short because everyone KNOWS what you are going to do next. A good opponent will either take that option away from you, or just set a trap for you if you take it!

    While Mega Yasheth is versitile in his own right, the only thing the alpha does better is heal. At gencon, the rules were such that only a total monster kill would win a match. There was absolutely no way to heal yourself to victory. At best, alpha yasheth can bide you a little time before bringing out the beatstick.

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  7. You can always beatstick for a while and then form down to take a 3-4 damage attack, then heal it and beatstick some more!

    But you make good points about monsters that do the same thing in both forms. It’s both efficient and terrifying that Dynastavus can churn out so much brawl damage in both forms, but it also lacks the versatility that keeps a good player on his or her toes.

  8. Dyna is a strange choice of example. “Brawl for 2” pretty much always gets replied with 2(+) damage, even if it just a power attack into an Office or a fire hazard. The only time Dyna’s offense really comes into play in in a razed area.

    Ultra Nova shoots for 2 in both forms. Ultra Crustaceor brawls in both forms, with better-than-Dyna freedom on positioning. These monsters function where Dyna does not, even though they really just do one thing well.

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  9. Theorist: I would argue that Nova can power attack in either form, between flight and sprint and a moderate power attack stat.

    Likewise, Crustaceor can brawl or power attack. Between hoist in one form and jump in the other, it is fairly difficult to screen against both, especially if Crustaceor’s controller has a full set of action and power dice! And with tricks like moving while hypered, powering down, and then hoist and stepping into base to base.

    Of course, both of these monster suffer from low defense. Crustaceor would be broken, if he had better speed, defense, and didn’t blow through power dice faster than a meth head blows through his stash. All monsters need a weakness, of course 🙂

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