He Said, He Said: Prestige

This week we talk about the ever evolving perception of prestige in the game. Are you playing a monster that is worthy of acclaim or not? Tune in with our special guest host to find out.

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  1. Thanks for the kudos guys! It easy to be inspired to keep going when I am receiving such accolades from my peeps!

    Funny thing is, last night I was chatting with T-Bunn on Vassal and he told me that you were talking about my blogs at that very moment! Spoiler! lol

    As for my mind….. let’s not even go there….

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  2. My thoughts on Osheroth AND Tyrannix; from what I’ve heard/seen online, the general thought is that these monsters should pretty much never lose a game. They are that strong when played well. Morphers in general are, and have been all but unbeatable ever since the nerf to unit-side RADIAL-ATTACK() left most morphers as DEF 6 targets (cover) that will take just 1 damage.As of that errata, all of the morphers have just been an utter terror to try and beat.

    So I’ll plug in what I said back then… that errata needs reversed, and RADIAL/EXPLOSION/LIVEWIRE need to deal just 1 damage total to morphers no matter how many pieces are simultaneously hit by these triggers/reactions. It would bring back Hazmat Truck, restore a bit of glory to the Radical faction (which lives/dies by whether its units can dominate, outside of Tyrannix), and maybe make a real place in the game for the glass Psi-Eel. The game wasn’t built to take such a mechanical hit as that bit of errata did to it.

    MEGA INCINERUS!!! I fielded him twice this last week online. Once was against Chrissy’s Ultra Sky Sentinel, on Wrecking Ball — and I won definitively, with 2 health left on each form despite a nasty SYNCH-MOVE-then-REFUEL play near the end. It’s not just the magic of Chris Young… Incinerus himself contributes in a major way.

    Thanks for the mention. I go by Jeff lately, as none of the other Jeffs actually go by Jeff. I’ve been forced to drop THE from Theorist by all of the wonderful theorycrafting going on… I’m just one of the masses now, and happy to be counted.

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  3. Just my two cents but…

    Osheroth and Tyrannix are both pretty mean, but a lot of people like playing them too. They’re a lot of fun when you’re the one in control of the morphers.

    That said though, they aren’t unbeatable, even when played well. Dice can still hose you, and then there are some bad match-ups for both (LK comes to mind).

  4. Definitely, but there’s always a bad matchup. Some are just harder to find. MZMax was called the meanest monster for so long because he’s hard to counter, but there are good counters for him out there.

    It speaks volumes about the array of skills in the community that even the best of monsters can be beaten and the worst of monsters can come out triumphant.

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  5. Morphers are the new Zors. Bum dice rolls defeated all Zors as well… but mechanically, a bum roll against a healing monster is even worse. Both of these morphers can heal very quickly, which is why they are the most dominating of the morphers. I agree with everything you said, just not the meaning you take from it — you cannot expect that the bum roll will be your opponent’s at a critical time, nor can you position every turn in hopes that “this is the moment they miss”.

    I play both Osheroth and Tyrannix, and I enjoy playing them quite a lot. I was crushing with them …most all of the morpher players were… back when Airborne Ape was in every list and morphers regularly took 3 damage from that little bastard. Now it’s just easy-mode unless the opponent has specifically chosen Ultra Laser Knight, in which case it is closer to a draw since LK cannot easily be aggressive enough to get by double-side healing without giving up his advantage.

    I’m not looking to restore the broken that was Airborne Ape. I’m saying those two morphers are currently one step removed from god mode, and that the others are among the game’s very very best monsters.

    Don’t you want to see Steel Shell Crab and Hazmat Truck kick some morpher tail? Don’t you want to see Radicals on their own Airborne Ape to tag at extreme range instead of splashing Tornadus to do it?

    Also… I enjoy facing the Zors. I know several people who enjoy playing Zors. It’s not the way you imagine — it’s become a bit of a groan to see someone drop Osheroth or Tyrannix online, to the point where Marcus breaks his out only for tournaments or tournament practice. And that was “his” monster. He should be able to get it out again. I’m saying what needs to happen for that to feel OK… players need their weapons back to fight those monsters.

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  6. I mostly agree…played well, these monsters should not lose. They both have too many options open to them that even other morphers do not have…offense, defense, healing…And both come with excellent unit support. I pretty much shelved my Tyrranix once I realized how much of a threat Radial Attack was to the Alpha. With that threat neutralized, it’s like the Green Fury Truckers are deer and all the wolves have been killed. They’re everywhere, and Osheroth is just as popular. Because they cannot be stopped when in the hands of someone that’s got some experience behind them.

    And just for the record, I endorse the “1 damage per attack/trigger” for morphers. Power attacks can still be an exception. Maybe the rule just needs to be “1 damage per monster per trigger?” Radial attack could still deal 2 damage, one directly from the attack, a second from the trigger.

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  7. Ultra Xixorax tends to be a good answer to most morphers, as he takes the initial hit to his alpha (usually not fatal, unless he’s been whittled down by Radical units) then has his way with the morphers. Ultra/Mega Tyrannix DOES have the stuff to beat him anyway.

    Vorgax generally answers all the other morphers, except he sometimes struggles against Legionniare. It’s another case of major BLITZ damage… the same way Quantum Rakadon can get some big damage in. But it’s pretty easy for Vorgax to land 6 damage and one-shot enemy morpher forms.

    Monsters with 12+ health can absorb Tyrannix’s damage pretty well, and the mobile ones that can hit the morphers first all do well most of the time. It’s not dominating, but it’s a fight they can win. There are several of them… maybe the most interesting is the rarely played Ares Mothership, who is very fast and (in either hyper-form) has a little something for hyper-form Tyrannix when he appears.

    There are actually quite a few that are “OK” against Osheroth and Tyrannix… but only Laser Knight beats them outright. And even he has to be a bit careful, since he can get death-starred by morphers and then have to back-to-back to get out of it.

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  8. laser knight still cant beat osh or tnix. Lk is going to have 0-2 units on the board for the rest of the game. towers + summon + multishot for osh and multi shot + summon for tnix are too insurmountable an advantage. if lk hides in a corner, then it happens even faster.

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  9. [From my old Tyrranix post, can be found at bottom of Tyrranix page on wiki… I believe it predates the Solid errata.]

    “All the traditional weaknesses of morphers exist on Tyrranix: A-dice intensive, although alpha Tyrranix is capable of multi-turning if they spend the minimal 5 dice for their brawling specialists to move, summon, and attack, but frequently they will need to step; they also have low defenses, and are hard to screen completely from enemy attacks, allowing enemies to hit them for strong power attacks. As a morpher who relies on combined attacks, Distract is also quite an issue to Tyrranix. Explosion from any enemy, or Radial Attack on enemy monster is also capable of dealing multiple damage to the alpha.

    “Tyrranix also has weaknesses of his own: his reliance on red abilities to control the field and establish dominance over the game can be hindered by Jam. Countermeasures can also stop them from using Summon and Tow, lowering their damage output. Both these abilities can stop the multiple damage healing capabilities, as well as can Drain Life and Holy Ground affecting any of the morphers.


    “Tyrranix’s game, however, leans heavily on actions and red abilities, and shutting these down with cautious play slows Tyrranix’s game. The strongest attack in alpha can be thought of as simply a limited throw attack, with action to make it do unblockable super damage, and without nearby buildings to be hit into, can only do 2 damage. Should the player of Tyrranix be neglecting P-dice, he will have trouble hitting higher Defense foes as well, even with -1 and -2 defense options on the alpha.”

    [I could see Mega Grindix being a nightmare match for alpha Tyrranix, but the hyper form of Tyrranix can likely help in overcoming it.]

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  10. We all have always called Ulgoth the “Muffin Man” around here… Cookie keeps him in her room and sometimes I hear her having conversations with the “Muffin Man.” It’s adorable.

    I think there is less stigma towards say Osheroth or Tnix because they actually do require some skill to pilot. If someone doesn’t know what they are doing the Alpha will get torn up by someone playing a simpler monster. And usually the alpha is the scarier form….

    I don’t think Mega Incinerus is a “meh” monster; he’s fun, does neat stuff and evokes all sorts of cool imagery. He can get the job done, but it always feels “dangerous” when playing him, which is much the way I feel about Xixorax. Both are very vulnerable but capable of dealing out some serious damage.

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