Hear Me Baby, Hold Together – X-Wing Squad with Wave 2!


Some of you may know me from my series of blogs about the Star Wars LCG, including the popular Community Deck Building series.  I had some good luck with the blog contest for the card game, so I figured I should try my hand with the miniatures game as well.  Unlike CCG/TCG/LCGs, I do not have much of a history with miniatures games.  Before the release of X-Wing this summer, I had played Heroscape casually with some of my old college friends, but that was about it.  I picked up the X-Wing core set at GenCon this summer as well as one of each expansion and have been teaching some of my friends how to play since then.  Just this weekend I finally made my first foray into the competitive world at a Kessel Run event where I finished a disappointing 6th.  After looking through the spoilers for the new ships in Wave 2, I’ve put together a list to take advantage of the beast that is the Falcon as well as a couple of the new upgrade cards.

Rebel Tanks

Chewbacca (42) + Draw Their Fire (1) + Mercenary Copilot (2) + Millennium Falcon (1) – 46 Points

Biggs Darklighter (25) + R2-F2 (3) + Stealth (3) – 31 Points

Gold Squadron Pilot (18) + Ion Cannon Turret (5) – 23 Points

Total Points: 100


Fastest Hunk of Junk in the GalaxyOf course, no amount of strategy or squad building can replace good tactical maneuvering in the match itself.  That said, it’s generally a good idea to have some idea of what your squad is trying to do and how it plans on winning.  Just remember, your plans should be fluid… trying to stick to a plan when the situation dictates something else is a quick way to end up with no ships on the table.

The name I gave this squad gives you an idea what the goal is: tank like crazy!  The general idea is use the agility 4 (with stealth and R2-F2) Biggs to dodge incoming shots and draw fire away from the Falcon and Y-Wing.  For any critical hits on Biggs, the Falcon can use Draw Their Fire to take the damage instead (and if it doesn’t have any shields left, turn it into a normal damage).  Once your opponents finally manage 5 (non-critical… since those will go to the Falcon) hits on Biggs, they’ll find that your remaining squad still takes 21 more hits to take down!  In the mean time, both the Falcon and the Gold Squadron Pilot can take advantage of their 360° firing arc to whittle down the opponent’s forces regardless of where they maneuver.  Rounding out the last 3 points: the Falcon title gives Chewie the evade action, which will be useful once the Falcon starts taking fire to make those 13 hits take even longer, and the Mercenary Copilot gives us some nice extra offensive punch with our last 2 points… though if you really wanted initiative he could be dropped to get you a 98 point squad.


Durability.  This squad can take a beating.  It can also dodge a beating in the early game as your opponent is forced to ignore the bigger threat of the Falcon to send shots at the elusive Biggs.  Combine that with the turret weapons, and the opponent will have few maneuvering options that would concern you.


Once Biggs is gone, the hits will start to add up quickly.  The saving grace of the squadron will be that it takes a ton of hits, but with 2 of the 3 ships having an agility of 1 the hits will come.  If you haven’t managed to do significant damage to your opponent’s squadron before Biggs goes down, you’ll be in for a long and slow, but inevitable demise.


There you go, a Rebel squad that can take all the firepower your opponent could throw at it and continue flying.  I’m looking forward to the chance to play with the Falcon and the other wave 2 ships once they hit shelves next year… they will certainly change the game drastically.  Thanks for reading, and may the force be with you!