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Welcome to Team Covenant. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!  So this is my first blog ever. I am not a computer person so blogging isn’t my thing, but I love Monpoc and Team Covenant so much that I feel it’s my duty to try this so I can make my occasional contributions to the amazing Monpoc community.  I’m a rabid Radicals player but I also dabble in all of the other agendas.  I prefer brawling over blasting TO THE EXTREME!!  I’m not saying it’s more effective (in fact I feel that usually the opposite is the case), but that it makes for a more satisfying battle experience.  The most fun aspect for me in my favorite game is the power attacks.  A game of Monpoc without power attacks is like a game of NES Pro Wrestling where all you can do is punch or kick.  That’s why lately I’ve really been enjoying 2-monster battling.  That format usually translates to the more I’LL SMASH YOUR FACE IN style of play that turns my crank.

  1. The more I look at this, the more interesting it becomes. I think those tanks probably need more work. Amplify for FAC-only is perfect I think, though it would cause problems for the Tanker Truck.

    Blue Reach on Aquosia is something I haven’t thought of, and it’s perfect flavor. For that alone I enjoyed the read! Mega Tec at Hyper Cost 5 is A+

    But can you give the Water Avatar a 1*0 brawl stat? I want that Water Kami Flank!

  2. Glad you found it interesting. I agree that the tanks need more work but I couldn’t think of any way to make them better without giving the Protectors a blast engine that becomes too powerful to be balanced. As it stands, I settled for giving the elites a slight boost for those people with starter level armies a little boost.
    Wondering what you mean about the Tanker Truck.
    Aquosia lends the element of water to her units to give their elemental melee strikes the ability to reach out and touch someone. And don’t forget that Mega Tec got slowed, too. And you have your flank now.
    Any preference on the next agenda I cover?

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  3. Good question. “Where’s my Radical team spirit”, right? I assure you, I do truly love these monsters. I just call them stinkers because they are hard to win with against so many monsters. Especially Mega TK (the Gambler). How have your games gone with your mastering monsterpocalypse monster? Have you tried him in a 2 monster game yet? That’s where he starts to shine.

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  4. Instead of remaking every unit and monster why not focus on abilities?

    Or if you think hypercost is an issue just make a new rule to replace all hyper costs.

    Think of new rules across the board, like if you want to buff brawl, make brawl +1 boost or -def if attacking from Cover.. something like the idea of it being a stealth attack.

    Like Mega Terra Khan… He has Terrify.. which somewhat unique and maybe a bit under powered or at least has very situational usage. So by buffing Terrify slightly you may get better results.


    Enemy Units cannot advance into spaces adjacent to this figure.
    Featured On

    Cthugrosh (Ultra, Mega, Quantum)
    Mogroth (Alpha)
    Terra Khan (Mega)
    Tyrranix (Gypsy Sunbeam, Mega)

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  5. I had considered focusing on abilities but 2 things made me shy away from the idea. It would be harder to keep a good balance because giving a few units and monsters certain extra abilities could radically change the meta without me even realizing it without extensive playtesting. The other reason I shied away from that idea is that I wanted to try to stay true to (what I felt) was the intended flavor of the figures as much as possible. Not that I didn’t play with abilities AT ALL. Take a look at my Destroyers blog and take a look at Mega Rogzor.
    On the Terrify example. I’ve wanted a stronger Terrify for a long time but then what happens when it boosts an already strong monster that has it? Cthugrosh? Tyrranix? I’d hate to see them get too strong of a buff. Also on Terrify – it actually did get a boost without changing the wording on the ability at all. One of my major goals of this project was to make unit forces that were leveraged toward brawling as viable as an option as blasting forces. If I’ve succeeded in this endeavor, then figures with Terrify will find that they are actually terrifying far more often than they ever were.

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  6. My pleasure. Keep in mind that the Reaper buff is only on the elites. The grunts already had Penetrator and red Energy Cycle making it worthwhile to take 1 to assist with brawl teams. Now, with an elite that good, it’d be worthwhile to take a whole strike team. Regarding Ares – her weakness has always been monsters that were able to do multiple damage from range. Many of those monsters have been toned down in MK-2. Combining that with beacon being slightly toned down and harder to come by probably gives Ultra Ares a bigger boost than her new, lower hyper cost. I find myself wondering if 3 hyper would be too low on her. I’ll watch for that if I ever get around to playtesting.

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  7. Well the Ultra already has the fling on blast. Couple that with the crazy board control that would create with chain reaction and I fear it may be a bit much. But I like the basic premise so maybe I’ll edit it to have fling on brawl.

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  8. On the Drillcon blast range – this is an adjustment that I feel pretty solid on. Drillcon is a decent monster in the first place. Giving him radar in alpha and ultra is the limit of how far that I’d feel comfortable boosting him.

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  9. Lester – are you talking about Toss brawl on ultra Hammers? If so, I love it! But with the added blue Halt it won’t fit. I’ll find a way to make it fit, though. I’m imagining Hammers burrowing and coming up right underneath his opponent initiating the ultimate of uppercuts to send said monster sailing through the air. And as Toss says UP TO 4 spaces, it’s a simple matter to have the hapless recipient land adjacent where he can be tossed again (providing Hammers has enough dice left for a second attack). Ouch! And with burrow, Hammers has a movement ability that can let him get into range of the super uppercut combo. Okay I officially dig it. I’ll edit it into my post in the next couple of days.

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  10. Pretty much. Neither form of Leviathron is very good, but Mega is much stronger… and it’s pretty much IGNITE that makes it so. The fire isn’t there until you want it to be, and there are a lot of things you can do with IGNITE other than ramp damage. I’ve won my share with Mega Levi so far. He’s got huge weaknesses — but he’s never helpless, which means everything.

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  11. Personally, I’ve enjoyed Ultra more. The chance for 2-damage turns via Swat Radial Attack is nice and he’s always a big menace to Morphers. Mega just hasn’t sold me yet.

    The Ignite has been most useful as a screen-clear for me, but it’s still a hazard to which he is vulnerable, so I don’t like the idea of making things easier for my opponent. If Ignite worked like it used to, I’d probably be more for him, as it is I prefer Ultra.

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  12. Mega’s RADIAL-ATTACK(blast) is pretty great against morphers as well. What it loses in high-end potential it gains in being difficult to avoid. On two occasions I have managed 4 damage to morphers with that attack.

    I find Ultra Leviathron to be weak in that he has zero “king of the hill” plays and no real damage output. Positioning to land 2 via SWAT (if the opponent gives that option to you…it’s deniable) generally gets you sent into a hazard or dealt 2 damage in some other way. Mega’s IGNITE may seem like it’s handing the opponent more damage, but most of the time you can use it without increasing the damage you will take in reply. And it can really boost your Skimmer’s usefulness!

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  13. I was really disappointed on on my record with CyberKhan and Gogahadratron. My only win was against Terra Khan and White Dajan (aka the mighty Bumble). At least I didn’t have to play and loose against my own Mega Yasheth. The match I played against Isaac made me feel like I was being schooled. Then against CyberKhan and Ultra Maxim which was a close one but alas I lost by one point of damage. I would still like to see Isaac play at Gencon or Moncon one of these years. He has the monpoc chops to hang with the best. (Which is why Carl, Nando, and myself curse his very name.) I have yet to win a match against him.

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