Help me teach my lady to destroy me

Hey all:

Sorry, I’ve been posting like crazy, but I want to get your input on something. My girlfriend, Molly, has said she’s willing to try Monpoc with me. She’s a gamer, but she prefers euro-style boardgames and abstracts, and she’s intimidated by the number of rules and abilities in Monpoc. I promised her I would make her first play easy, by having reference cards for her and having a simple force.

We talked a bit about what she wanted to play, and she was drawn to the Tritons. I thought about it a bit, and I suggested Ultra Crustaceor. I know he’s not a top-tier monster, but he’s only got 8 abilities across both forms, so there’s not as much to remember, and he’s got nice basic tricks, as well as the ability to consistently hand out 2 points of damage.

Here is how I imagined her force:

Ultra Crustaceor

2 x Elite Steel Shell Crabs

4 x Grunt Steel Shell Crabs

2 x Elite Spadefin Skimmers

4 x Grunt Spadefin Skimmers

3 x Nautilus Blasters

For buildings, we’re going to use 6 x Apartment Building, 6 x Downtown High-Rise, and 6 x Post Apartments. That was she only has to remember 3 building types, and there’s a good mix of spire, fire, and high occupancy.

I know it’s far from an optimal list, but I think it’s accessible, and will provide some strategic options without being overwhelming.

The question is: what do I run against this? (Remember, I want her to have the advantage.)