Kyodaina GUARD Monster: Armageddon

First, apologies for not getting this out sooner. I was planning on trying to get a piece of art-work made for this post, but I’m not an artist and I couldn’t do justice for the image in my head. In any case, here’s the back story and stats for the GUARD Kyodaina. Just a note for when you are thinking of different criticism, try and think of how this monster would pair up against a single monster, and a double monster team separately. I’m still not sure which format would be best for when a regular monster fights a Kyo, so maybe a view on this monsters power for both play options would help me realize what would be best. Also, don’t forget about the new ability: Special Attack. I’ll say how it works again: Only one Special Attack can be used per turn, and they don’t take place of the Kyos attack limit unless they say otherwise.

Back story: When GUARD released its final monster, Legionnaire, every employee of the faction felt proud about their five new guardians that were ready to do battle with all sorts of monstrosities. However, those at the head of the GUARD organization knew deep down that these five guardians would most likely not be enough. The rise in so many different enemy factions was alarmingly high, and a day might come when earths defenses would fall on their knees and would need more than five guardians to rescue the populace from all of the gigantic terrors. A last ditch effort, a doomsday device, would have to be ready as a response to that horrible event that seemed very likely to happen in the near future. Thus, work began on a robot of mountainous size. It was given heavy plating armor on is legs and upper body, charge cords could emerge to drain any available power source, and many powerful weapons were attached everywhere on this metallic beast, including the terrifying Ogre Hammer, a powerful cannon that could disintegrate anything in its devastating blast. After the finishing touches, this daunting defender, aptly named the Armageddon, was locked away and kept secret for the potential on-coming end of earth. Once other horrific monsters the same size of GUARD’s new creation came to the forefront of their factions, the GUARD personnel realized it was time. Time to unleash, Armageddon.

Armageddon Stats:

Speed: 4

Defense: 8

Brawl: 5*2

Blast: 9*4 Short Range

Power: 8*3

Health: 9

Armageddon Abilities (Note: While I do not plan to make the max limit of skills Kyo can have 6, I’m not entirely sure how many more than a regular monster they can have yet):

This diagram shows more specifically how the Ogre Hammer attack works. It demonstrates how you pick the two adjacent squares in one straight direction. Imagine the two legal moves as a giant laser beam cutting through anything in its path.

Special Attack (Abbreviated as SP Atk): Ogre Hammer: Choose 2 adjacent spaces in one straight direction from this figure and make a Blast Attack roll. Any figure with a defense equal to, or lower than the number of strikes rolled takes 1 damage. Units hit are crushed, buildings hazards are disintegrated, and monsters hit take an additional damage. This Sp Atk replaces your attack this turn.

Skill: Plug In: During a successful power-up roll, for every Power Zone this figure is over, gain +2 p-die. (No, Kyo’s do not gain p-die normally when over power zones)

Blast Trigger: Explosive Shells: Units within 2 spaces of target monster take 1 damage

Sp Atk: Missile Barrage: Choose a target figure and make a blast attack roll. If the target figure, as well as any figures adjacent to the target figure, have a defense equal to or lower than the number of strikes rolled, they take 1 damage. This Sp Atk does not take place of your one attack limit.

Blast Trigger: Weapon Master

Power Trigger: Push back: If the target monster is still adjacent to your Kyo, move the target monster 2 spaces away from your figure in any direction

Skill: Ultra Stomp: This figures stomp range is everything within 2 spaces of itself. Deal 1 damage to an enemy monster with a defense equal to or lower than the number of strikes rolled.

I designed this Kyo to be a huge hulking machine that blows anything away in its path. I imagine him slowly stomping his way through a city as he barrages his enemy with missiles and explosive shells. He may even be a bit of a juggernaut by Crushing the enemy monster and then pushing him away with a shock wave, where the target monster has now become an easy target for Armageddon’s Ogre Hammer. I think this guy is pretty balanced, although he might need some weakening in the stats area, and his Weapon Master might need to be dropped down to Crunch. Nonetheless, I enjoyed making this monster, and I look forward to seeing what this community has to say about him! By the way, if you want to see some of the heavy inspiration for Armageddon (and get an idea of what I imagine him to look like) check out this video:

I should get the Terrasaur Kyo up soon, maybe even this week. Stay tuned!