Lambda City Season 1 Playoff Round 4: Byss

We’ve come to the end of our journey in the galactic core on the planet Byss. What began 19 weeks ago as 16 space jockeys maneuvering for position has us down to two. Alpha Leader and Substitute Fel.

These two have played each other as often as just about anyone in the league and they know each other well. They are friend mostly, but no one can deny the pull of Lambda City and being it’s first champion.
Alpha Leader was our #3 Seed and has played well all year. He was a few losses the last week of the regular season from being the  #1 seed and is unquestionably one of Lambda City’s best.
Substitute Fel was a substitute player as his name implies and came into the tournament as a #10 seed. The weeks he played though, showed a strong player and everyone knows to be wary if Fel is actually flying the Baron as he’s the best live interceptor player I’ve seen. He’s actually one of a very short list of players with a winning record against me. He managed to take out the Regular Season Champ Artfcllyflvrd in the Outer Rim which is a huge feat as our Champ only lost 2 games the entire regular season.
I’ve gone back and forth and I’m not certain by a mile who is going to win. Hopefully we can record it and post the video here, it’ll be a good match I believe.
Alpha Leader
Substitute Fel
Where to start with this I wonder?
Initiative. Alpha Leader has the choice to move first, and shoot first with his bombers and his whisper vs Substitute Fel’s Doomshuttle and Whisper. This is preferable because it will trigger ACD to keep his Whisper alive longer and make it more likely he can use Vader with his Doom Shuttle. It is not preferable in some respects because his whisper will move after Substitute Fel’s, making Fel have the last move on the board. Additionally not having initiative allows you to place Whisper last and have the most advantageous position on the board. I’m not sure the answer here, What would you do?
As far as lists, I think Substitute Fel has the slight advantage. AGI 3 is good vs ATK 2 and 3 shots of ATK 2 are more arcs and more outputted damage. The bombers will shoot before the ties, but they shouldn’t be counted on to do too much damage. I get the feeling this comes down to Which Vader Crits get drawn on the Academies and Bombers and how effective Intelligence Agent is on Alpha Leader’s Whisper.
Prediction: Substitute Fel (But I really have no clue on this one)
Love Live the Lambda City Champion.