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I finally got pushed into blogging by mrfroggies and Will Balvanz as they seem to think I might have something to add. To introduce myself I am part of the Vassal group that plays Xwing on Vassal, and I’m on just about every day to get at least a game in. I just barely missed the tournament but I hope to be in the next one.

I hope to write my first real blog about the focus action and the importance of it in the next few days once I get rid of this cold I have. I hope to blog about Xwing piloting and the game in general as well as post a few of my favorite squads that I have created or seen. I will never take credit for a squad I did not make myself.

I’ll start start with my new favorite squad. I don’t have a name for it yet so feel free to suggest one.

Bounty Hunter w/ Gunner

Vader w/ Swarm Tactics, Concussion Missile


Academy Pilot

I kept trying to make the firespray work. I had the hardest time using the usual suspects: Krassis with heavy laser cannon, Kath with marksmanship, and Boba with seismic charges. I couldn’t get any of them to work. They just ended up being so darn expensive. I eventually settled on the regular ole bounty hunter.  He’s the cheapest option, he fires before most of the common cheap ships (rookies, alphas, protypes, academies, and golds), he has 3 attack dice, and as Theorist mentions here that it is the most survivable ship. Add a gunner to him and he isn’t missing very often.

Vader adds additional toughness as well as a great alpha strike option with the missiles.

Nightbeast is also tough to kill when using green maneuvers. The academy acts almost as a decoy, it fires at PS 9 on the first pass and I try to offer it as the most tempting target on the first pass. I have no problems exchanging an academy tie for almost any ship the opponent offers me.

The bounty hunter sets as far back as possible and snipes from a distance, using its great firing arc and decent damage to pick off any stragglers.


  • Toughness
  • Great first pass damage


  • Only 4 ships
  • 2/3 of the points are spent on the Bounty Hunter and Vader
So, let me know your thoughts and I would appreciate any feedback possible. If you would like for me to post on any additional topics I’d be happy to as well.
  1. Missiles and Torpedoes have never really been a particularly amazing choice for the points, and since the HLC is already a thing it would be silly to come up with new cannons in line with the unused upgrades. They have to be comparable in value to the incumbent choices for the cannon slot or there isn’t much hope for them.

    Mangler and Flechette Cannons seem quite reasonable for the cost IMO.

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  2. At Range 1, this is not so. The B-wing, Lambda, and Firespray all roll 4 dice at Range 1 with their primary gun — it’s already unlikely that they will choose to fire the Mangler Cannon at a target there. The humble Scyk rolls 3 dice at Range 1, and is just paying 4pts for the hit-to-crit effect there. The Outrider is also rolling 3 dice at Range 1, when it’s not using the title and a cannon.

    What we see on the two ships where cannons help most is a cost bump — 2pts for the Scyk title, and 5pts for the Outrider. So in a way you have your wish; it’s effectively 6pts to put Mangler on a Scyk, and 9pts to put Mangler on the Outrider as a turret.

    I would also like to point out that finding existing cannons to be “too strong and/or too cheap” is not solved by costing a new card higher. HLC would not get any worse, no matter what you did to Mangler.

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  3. I don’t think so, but it does make me ask the big question again.

    Where can Flechette Cannon legitimately go, exactly?

    You are right that we have to start with the comparison to Ion Cannon, which is 1pt more for a more potent control effect vs most targets. But as Paul Heaver mentioned above, there are 2 situations where stress maybe better than ion as a control weapon — vs large ships when you just want to slow them down a little (stress every turn beats ionizing every other turn), and vs Phantoms in particular if you have better PS then the Phantom (the same way R3-A2 can be used).

    Let’s start with the latter use first, since it’s easier to work out. Cannon-bearing pilots that can reliably shoot before Whisper/Echo make a pretty small list:

    Ten w/ VI + FCannon
    Rexler w/ VI + FCannon
    Boba w/ VI + FCannon (either version)
    Sirassu w/ VI + FCannon

    And of course you could use a lower PS Rebel pilot for any cannon-bearing ship, then use Roark to shoot before the Phantom. If using S&V’s Torkil to make the Phantom shoot at PS 0, you don’t actually need the Flechette Cannon for all your ships to shoot vs an uncloaked target.

    I don’t see anything here that looks particularly legitimate.

    There IS a weird counter vs Opportunist here, if you shoot first.

    So moving on to “light control vs large ships”….

    Flechette Cannon will fail vs PTL+Engine builds, meaning Dash but also some of the Decimators (PTL+Ysanne+Engine and Daredevil+Engine especially). It also looks lousy vs the new IG-2000, which is an AGI 3 target.

    But it looks very handy vs Lambdas, Predator (but not Lone Wolf so much because this cannon must hit reliably) + Engine builds, and Firesprays w/ Engine.

    I ask myself what kind of list can deal with Gingerbread Dash and the more agile Decimators, but struggles vs the cheaper tank ships. Lists that want to joust swarm seem like a good answer. They can mob onto Decimators, and really aren’t your worst chance vs Dash. But they don’t want to see other good joust lists leave things up to the dice. A nice 2pt cannon to swing the game is a pretty decent deal.

    So maybe something like this:

    23 Rookie w/ R3A2
    29 Blue w/ FleC + E2 + Tactician + FCS
    48 (x4) Bandit

    It actually so happens that you can’t afford the Ion Cannon here anyway, unless you drop FCS from the Blue. You don’t especially need full drift vs your target — you are mostly just looking to slow it up so that you can mob on it, and the Rookie provides a control weapon vs those ships the FleC doesn’t handle well.

    Scyk looks cheap enough, even with the 2pt title cost, that it will be a good FleC carrier for swarming lists. S&V will need it more, since it has no access to the mighty R3-A2 droid. I can’t toss out an S&V list though til we see the exact cost of generic pilots.

    Imperials I think will struggle to run FleC the same way they struggle to run IonC, mainly because the only joust-efficient cannon bearer they have (shuttle) can’t k-turn. It’s hard to play both position and control in the same list without a severe drop in firepower, and Imperials to large degree are forced into that if they run control cannons.

    The best I can do is something like:

    41 BH w/ FleC + Tactician + Engine
    39 (x3) Obsidian
    20 Alpha w/ Autothrusters

    In a build like this, the FleC is mostly an afterthought; 2pts that could be a bid or a Seismic, or maybe slightly different support for the BH. You can’t quite afford Ion Cannon. And FleC does do something handy for the build — perhaps sabotaging a Vader shuttle, or tagging a Predator+Engine Decimator or fat Han that’s trying to kite TIE guns.

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  4. Some good thoughts. One thought that came to mind is that stress-on-a-gun does have another use – shutting down adv. Sensors. Again, too situational for my taste, bit in the heyday of advS daggers, it might have had a noticeably distinct effect. Now, though… Less so.

    I dunno, I keep wishing it was a little more exciting, but out really is another flavor of ion cannon, isn’t it… Ah well.

    …Hey, does it do anything against a HWK? Something’s nagging me about the idea, but it’s late here and it might just be the caffiene.

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