Make a Monument of Yourself Contest

Apart from Installations, monuments are the coolest buildings in the game. All of them don’t necessarily work best with all factions & monsters but they are so distinct that they add to any map that they land on for a game. To date, New York and Tokyo have been the only two cities that have been incorporated into Monsterpocalypse but why stop there??? Spazz and I both reside in locales arbitrarily close to Toronto and Spazz had the idea a while ago to make up statistics for the CN Tower which was, until 2007, the tallest free-standing structure in the world:

We thought a little more and, instead of just suggesting stats we thought we’d put it open to the community to suggest statistics for this great monument and then we’d put it to the community to suggest abilities that the CN Tower could have within a game of MonPoc and then have the community vote on which one they thought was the best. Spazz and I will then make an actual CN Tower monument building for the winner with the abilities of the winning entry on it and mail it out to you. To enter the contest, just send wapcaplets a private message with the statistics for your building (i.e. Defense, Energy, and up to six abilities including Monument and Limited) and we’ll post a list of the entries, without the names of the entrants, on Saturday, February 18th and put it to a vote!

Update: Please only use existing abilities in your entry!