Make a Run for It

It’s about time I played a runner without boobs.

Already know that I’ll be trying Whizzard next. But I figured I’d try my hand at a Criminal deck, since I haven’t actually played them at all. No idea what makes them tick or if what I have made is viable at all.

RUNNER — Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional

x2 Ninja
x2 Aurora
x2 Peacock
x3 Snitch
x3 Sneakdoor Beta

x2 Desperado
x3 Plascrete Carapace


x3 Emergency Shutdown
x3 Account Siphon
x3 Forged Activation Orders
x3 Inside Job
x3 Satellite Uplink
x3 Special Order
x3 Sure Gamble
x3 Deja Vu (2i each, 6i)
x3 The Maker’s Eye (2i each, 6i)
x1 Test Run (3i)

The heist begins with multiple angles at which to go after the corporation; Sneakdoor Beta to run HQ through Archives, The Maker’s Eye to hit R&D more effectively, Account Siphon directly against HQ, and Deja Vu to double down on whatever I decided to open with. Emergency Shutdown and Forged Activation Orders to mess with the corporation are there and can be ramped instead, as can a Deja Vu to re-grab Inside Job. It’s all designed to just flatly ignore early corporation defenses and still be a significant threat.

Satellite Uplink and Snitch provide a bit of key information. Plascrete Carapace defends against a held Scorched Earth. Special Order will have completed the Criminal rig. There is no particular money machine built in for efficiency outside of forcing through an HQ run to repeatedly use Account Siphon… and the occasional Sure Gamble. Deja Vu to re-grab an Account Siphon seems promising, but I’m not sure how reliable it could be.

  1. Don’t forget that aft actions include the classic shield-hardening, and running out of energy silences the reserve guns in a hurry.

    While the loss of the front is showy, the loss of the rear makes ship as a whole die all the faster.

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  2. The emperor is on that ship and foresaw your attempts at ramming. Everything is going according to his plans. Your friends are walking into a trap!

    Has been an interesting first few rounds. Was very worried about getting run over by the CR90! Little luck saved me. Am curious how it will all play out. Dash is a tricky little devil

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  3. A very well played game by Paul. Well done sir! Was really hoping to hold on to all 4 shuttles, but you cut it down fast! The vader-vette was definitely the MVP of the game with damage output and repair abilities. Anyone know when Dom and Jimbo are playing?

    Paul, good luck with regionals, let us know how you end up!

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