Mithel vs Phennir: No Contest?

If you are like me then you probably been playing X-Wing non-stop after Wave 2 hit stores. I was able to pick up a Falcon, an interceptor and 2 Slave 1s along side my new set of Covenant Templates. That night I played in the League Play finals tournament and I went 1-1 with my 3 Y-Wing build. [I had to leave early to pack for my trip to South Carolina.] I had originally planned on running my Closers list however another player had matched my Rebel win total so I felt like I needed to play my Rebels so I could get the range ruler [which I totally did].

During the 20+ hour drive to South Carolina I had a chance to re-examine my Closers list and look to see what I could improve because I still had 4 points left over. Because I have maxed out my upgrades there is not way to spend those points without degrading one of my pilots down to two cheaper pilots or upgrading one of them to a better pilot. I am really happy with Vader and Soontir but kind of unsure about Mithel as the third man in my small group. After looking at all of the other options I decided that I would either go with Mithel or Phennir. They would be equipped with Elusiveness and a Stealth Generator. After doing some compares, one ship stands out over the other.




Setting the other two ships aside I wanted to compare Mithel to Phennir side by side. The biggest difference between the two is there point totals which is 8. If you spend anytime on the FFG X-Wing forums you would know that the 8 point difference is because Phennir has one more attack dice than Mithel does. You can use this formula to determine how much each ship cost according to ShadowJak.  2+Pilot Skill + (Attack Dice – 2) X 8 + (Defense Dice – 2) X 8 + (Hull – 3) X 4.25 + Shields X 4.50.  It is interesting to see that elite talent and actions don’t have anything to do with a ship’s cost.

Mithel :
2 + 7 + (2-2) X 8 + (3-2) X 8 + (3-3) x 4.25 +0 = 17

Phennir :
2 + 7 + (3-2) X 8 + (3-2) X 8 + (3-3) x 4.25 +0 = 25


The next thing to look at is the action bar. Phennir has the boost action plus every action that Mithel has. So that one looks like a no contest. I could spend 4 points to add the engine upgrade to Mithel to give him the boost action but then I would have to drop the Stealth upgrade. Plus I don’t like using my actions on anything but Focus (unless I have multiple actions). Phennir will get to boost way more than Mithel would just because of his ability.


Pilot abilities:

Mithel’s ability is probably the only thing that makes me even want to consider running him over Phennir [well and his lower cost]. At range 1 he is getting to attack with 4 dice instead of the normal 3 for Tie-Fighters. This translates into an 8 point savings (attack dice difference) while he is at range 1. The problem is that he has to be in range 1 and that is easier said than done. Phennir’s ability lets him attack and then boost or barrel roll out of harms way every time [unless he is stressed]. He also gets to roll 4 attack dice at range 1.


Movement Dials:




As you can see the interceptor has a much better movement array. Having four additional green maneuvers makes it more ideal for taking Stress tokens and recovers from the elusiveness effects easier.

Final Thoughts:

For eight points, you get boost action, an additional attack dice, 4 more green maneuvers and an ability that can be trigger more consistently (as long as you are not stressed).  As much as I like Mithel, it may be time to face the facts and just accept that Phennir is the new Offensive juggernaut for the imperials