MM Day 8: Destroy All!

Okay, the game plan for a first turn is to spawn units and get to destroying as soon as possible!

4 Spawn Points:  Razor Beetle, Vice Pincher, Constrictor, and a flyer.

5 Spawn Points:  Razor Beetle, Vice Pincher, Constrictor, Chomper, and a flyer.

6 Spawn Points:  Razor Beetle, Vice Pincher, Constrictor, Chomper, flyer, and either an extra Chomper or Constrictor.

Vice Pincher and Razor Beetle will advance towards the enemy and will secure any Power Up Zones along the way.  The Constrictor and the Flyer will begin securing the Radio Telescope.  Attraction will give me a P-Die.

Xaxor will smash a nearby TV Network High-Rise on his turn for 4 P-Die.  He will not even move out of his starting zone.

Pretty uneventful, huh?

“I’m on the Hiiiiiighwaaay to Heeeeellvue!…guitar, guitar….”

Okay, so when on AC/DC’s map, my first turn will look something ridiculous like:

Spawn Vice Pincher, Razor Beetle, Constrictor, Chomper, and probably a Cliff Hopper.

Vice Pincher, Razor Beetle, and Constrictor will secure the 3 power up zones closest to their spawn point.  Razor Beetle will go to the center-most Power Up Zone to add an extra hazard.  The Chomper will run up to the Neutral Spawn Point.  The flyer will lay in wait.

Xaxor will smash a nearby TV Network High-Rise.  If I’m feeling really squirrely then I might smash the Tokyo City Center and just get 5.

No, let’s take a look at “Grapple in the Garden of Eden Baby, Don’cha know that loooove yoooouuuu!!!!”

Yes, on the parody of  Inagodadavida (In the Garden of Eden by I. Ron Butterfly), we are going to assume that the center is a kill zone.  (Go ahead and try to argue it’s not!)

One enemy unit gets Explosion and I have my critters all over the power zones, then they all get blown sky high!  Instead, I may just take up a different strategy on this map.  I will spawn 5 units (same 5).  The center two will move one space off so as to secure the buildings.  The other two will move in to their respective sides to secure the two buildings in the middle.  Now, one A-Die for Attraction and I have my unit turn.  The buildings in those two foundations will be Radio Telescope and Tokyo City Center.

Xaxor will destroy the TV Network High-Rise closest to him and stay in his starting zone.


Not much is going to change on this one.  Spawn the Cinco Destroyos and then secure any Power Zone not nailed down.  Use Attraction, and Xaxor will smashville a TV Network High-Rise.