MMP Quantum Theory: Deimos-9, Day 5

Looking at the gaps in my list, I feel like there are only a couple of things missing that would really make this team potent. Although Invaders have some forward spawning capabilities, they aren’t really able to spawn attacking units forwards. They also have some pretty terribly slow units, and even the fast ones don’t have a ton of reach like some other agendas. Also, there is no in-agenda multi-targeting attack, which is not so good. Explosion is great, but to work your opponent has to walk into it, or you have to work hard for it (Tow). Also, a faster amplify unit would be nice (as it always is IMO.)

Interceptor/ Elite C-Type

This nice pair of units does something great for any force: it gives them reach. It also gives them really good triggers and extra dice in a blast attack. I would consider this combo instead of my chosen splash if I felt like reach was all I needed, and had something like Multishot or Radial Attack already in-agenda. Very useful nonetheless, and so I may end up splashing these together in the future.

Airborne Ape

A great unit for that needed multi-unit destruction, this thing can really pack a punch! I think he could have a home in this force, but as of right now, my other options are comparable, perhaps even more versatile, but this one still does it well, especially the Glass one!


Wow, what a unit! Like a mini-monster! Obviously very good if you can get him up close to make use of his multishot, but if not, he’s not as useful. Not having boost dice makes me disinclined to run him. Interesting thought though.


Of course I’m running Tornadus! She gives my units Reach, but in a different way than Interceptor/C-type… Using Hoist, not only can I set up amazing Fling plays, I can set up great Explosions too! High speed, flight, and 2 boost on blast with such a ridiculous trigger, how could I not splash this? It fixes 90% of my problems. Done deal. She’s in.

Tanker Truck

My favorite unit in the game, this little neutral unit has a lot going for it. I find myself having 2 a-dice left over after a certain amount of unit attacks and actions etc, and discovered that using them to spawn and move this onto a power zone is quite satisfying. 5 speed is generally enough, and with a Toss monster, it can help having a hazardous unit around. I normally run 1, but I recently cut it for a second vanguard to see if that could up my game in a more realistic way. So far, it hasn’t and I’ll likely be switching back to this unit.

Current List

After these analysis, I’ve changed my list to look like this:

2x Vanguard
1x Elite Vanguard
2x Nautilus Blaster
1x Saucer
1x Power Pod
1x Nullifier Pod
1x Spadefin Skimmer
1x Spiral Relay
1x Glass Spiral Relay
1x Elite Marauder
1x Hunter Kor’al
1x Elite Despoiler
1x Tornadus

Thanks for reading, and until next time, may you play and roam freely within other life forms!