MMP Quantum Theory: Deimos-9, Day 9, GOLDEN DAY!

YAY! It’s a special day today! I know it’s not important NOW, but, at the time of writing this, it is the 9th day of the month, and I’m on the 9th day of MMP, which means, I’ll be finished with Deimos-9 by the end of the month! That also means I’ll be finished with ALL of the Quantums by the end of the year, and will have accomplished my ultimate nerd-goal, hopefully receiving some kind of special Quantum badge or something (it wouldn’t hurt to ask would it?).

OK, back to the point: today is the 9th. Day 9. Deimos-9. It’s her golden day! To celebrate this special occasion, lets start the day off with a song: Crazy Little Thing

Now on to the assignment!

My First Turn

My first turn is pretty mutable. I have a few important moves listed by priority: 1) attempt to destroy/soft disrupt any key buildings my opponent has (like SoL or Tokyo Triumph), 2) get onto as many of my opponent’s spawn zones as possible, 3) capture as many neutral spawns as possible, 4) hold as many power or negative zones as possible, 5) secure a powerbase.

I Messed Up!

The problem with priority #1 is how inefficient it can be at times. If it seems really hard for me to do, I’ll just continue on down my list. The problem is when I feel like I can make it happen, and then miss.

Did you really think you could take down Liberty?


I pretty much have to forget about priorities 2-5 for this to even have a chance, so when I miss, it’s almost always totally wasted. The only upside is that my units might still be securing some neutral spawns or MAYBE securing a building, but it will be very easy to dismantle anything like this I’ve done. To fix it, I’d probably just try to get safe with my monster, probably also brawling a building for p-dice and going back to unit. If I have any units left after the initial flub-up, they will more than likely be near my opponent’s powerbase, so I can effectively use them without too many a-dice.

I really think Penetrator on Alpha Deimos-9 has save me a number of times. It really lets me make the most out of my first monster turn, giving me a much better shot at destroying something without requiring as many p-dice. I generally do this anyway, even if I didn’t miss on my first turn.

I Penetrate!


The good thing about numbers 2-5 is that I really can’t mess them up, unless I somehow miscount spaces, but even then, I can always just secure a building or 3 and hope. I’ll leave it up to my opponent to mess these steps up!

Don’t Do That!

Even if my opponent somehow manages to mess up my units securing neutral spawns, they had to do so while dealing with units like Nullifier Pod being around, and probably at a great expense to them! I would be happy if they wasted their turn dealing with my high defense units, probably not killing more than 2, generally no more than 1, because they won’t be adjacent to each other. Most of the time, they’ll just deal with a single unit and form a powerbase, hoping to outclass me on that end. My plans for my first monster turn will most of the time be Brawl Building, get power dice and open lanes. Since my units have little to do with that, I’d say its trivial to mess with them, unless my opponent gets to kill them every turn.

Just in Case…

Like my first turn, I have priorities when it concerns my first monster turn: 1) Keep them from powering up for anything, 2) Brawl a building to open up the map and give me p-dice. When going for option number 2, I can either hide or move mid map and brawl a building. I generally do this no matter what, as Deimos-9 is a pedestrian, so, unless I feel like hypering up, I’ll just stay pedestrian and try to mess with my opponent’s game as much as possible, then go for the buildings. I don’t rely on powerups much with this monster, but this is the turn I’d throw 3 a-dice down for any exchange of dice. If this is not the case, it doesn’t really matter.

On favorite tactic I have is to swat one unit into another early, hopefully the ones on power zones or securing important buildings. This can be a great opening turn, potentially denying my opponent any powerdice on their first monster turn. When the player going second has too little powerdice to respond, it takes a bit of the sting out of going first. They cannot really get ahead of the curve if you are careful where you stand. Of course, against 2-damage blasters it can be a little difficult. Sometimes they just get in there and start the curve. Then you have to fight to catch up, but it shouldn’t be too terrible unless your playing against Mucustos.

In Essence

My first turns are not rigid; I can adapt to mistakes, misses, or amazing responses from my opponent. I feel like one of my main strengths as a player is make good decisions for the early game. If I stick to my disruption plan, I am free to manipulate what my opponent is capable of doing, even if I have to take some damage before I deal it, because, as Zach has said, if I’m in control of the game, it is much easier for me to make a turnaround on the damage curve because I call all the shots. Anything my opponent does to me, I’ve let them do, and I need to focus on keeping them under my thumb until I can make a big attack for a huge swing. My units really help out in that department; they make it easier to keep up in the race.

Until next time, be epic.