MNM VI – A New Champion

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of welcoming a new member into the pantheon of Monsterpocalypse champions.  This time it was none other than Scott Williams, known to millions the world over as Mr. Froggies.  In what can only be described as a come-from-behind finish, Scott delivered a surprising and decisive thump to his final opponent, Zach.

Our congratulations to both players, you both deserve a round of applause for your impressive performances, especially Mr. Froggies, our resident MonPoc frog champion!

In addition to the esteem of his peers and the adoration of many would-be future champions, Mr. Froggies has received the coveted MNM Champion badge.

For all of you folks who’ve yet to taste the sweet, sumptuous glory that is a Monday Night Monster title, take heart!, you’ll have your chance again in the days and weeks after MonCon 2012.  Until then, what tournaments will we see to fill the void?

  1. Whoo great job man! Having had the pleasure of meeting you in person last year (go pacific northwest!) I can honestly say that in addition to being a great player, you’re a genuinely cool and nice guy. Looking forward to seeing you at MonCon and GameStorm in a coupla weeks!

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  2. Congratulations. Come from behind or not, you didn’t make it to the finals on accident. You fought hard and reaped the rewards.

    If you don’t mind doing a favor for me, as I will be unable to attend Moncon, smash well who stand before you. After having done so, standing atop the burned hourglass of all that dated thwart your progress, strike a Captain Morgan pose. Just for me. 😉

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