MNM VI – The Finals!

There’s not one but two games still left to be decided!

Of course we have the finals match between Zach and Scott Williams, but we also have the 3rd place finisher match between Lester Tisdale and a certain Tekkactus.

Best of luck to these four impressive contenders in this ultimate round of MNM VI!

You can refer to the original schedule for rules.

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  1. This is not true, Steven. You won my undying props for doing that, and I have said you are maybe the best player we have online ever since you accomplished it. You did not go unrewarded!

    I imagine the same is true here, though. Any name in the quarterfinals… nobody would be gawking in surprise now if a different two players from top 8 were now playing the final game. Respect is all around.

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  2. As catchy as “underfrog” is… I’d say no. Zach has a Gakura-led tournament win behind him, but you’ve been pretty dominant in every MNM you’ve played in so far — sputtering on literally every run at the win so far on some kind of fluke 1% roll at the absolute worst possible moment. To my knowledge …save for bum dice… you would have won or at least made final table on every MNM so far.

    So I’d say even. And only because historically when you and Zach meet the dice tend to go his way. He is strong with the force, that one. Runs in his family.

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