Monsterpocalypse The Movie?

Yesterday I was blowing the dust off of Sky Sentinel against Tim and decided to do the traditional pre-game tweet. When going to do so, I saw a tweet by a good friend (Kevin J.) linking to an article about the possibility of a Monsterpocalypse Movie. My jaw dropped. Not only that, but there was potential that Tim Burton would be involved.

Maybe it’s hogwash, but maybe… just maybe. There MAY BE truth in some news posted yesterday on (full post here). What do you guys think? Do you want there to be a Monsterpocalypse Movie? Would it work? Would you see it? Thoughts?


  1. Steven Spielburg = Yes
    Micheal Bay = Yes
    Jon Favreau = Yes
    Sam Raimi = Yes
    Ryûhei Kitamura = Yes
    Charlie Haskell = Yes
    James Cameron = Maybe
    Tim Burton = Not a Chance in Hellfont

  2. Forget you, man!


    I think it could work, I would see it, and if nothing else, and even if the story stank to high-heaven, I bet it would be some awesome spectacle!

    You know, just like Transformers 2.

  3. Wonder what factions would be in it?

    Protectors and Destroyers almost for sure, but maybe Collaborators too?

    I’d personally love to see Cyber Khan and Raiden taking the stage, even if they were made out of clay.

  4. IMO JJ Abrams is the only one that would do it right. Spielberg destroyed Indiana Jones (granted he did have some help) and Bay is too focused on spectacle and CG (Although Transformers 2, wasn’t that bad).

    Tim Burton… my mind fails to even think what that would look like.

    Ryûhei Kitamura is a good choice as Final Wars was just awesome (can’t wait to watch it with you guys at MonCon!).

    Shusuke Kaneko, though, would be my choice over him. The 2002 Gamera trilogy was just. so. very. awesome. Done right in every aspect, especially the final film (never seen it? It’ll also be a MonCon!!).

    Bottom line on directors, if it was picked up in Japan we would see models and suits, the only true way for a kaiju movie to be made. If it happens in the US, Abrams is the only one who has proved himself capable of understanding the balance between CG and story.

    And to add more fuel to the fire. I would guess Collaborators, definitely, Radicals, if for nothing else than the Green Fury angle, and Destroyers. With perhaps the Protectors being left out all together.

    (This is what happens when you combine a Monsterpocalypse player with a film nerd…)

  5. I just have one question; How do you fit Johnny Depp into a monster-brawl film?

    Sorry, but I’d rather take M. Night Shyamalan over Tim Burton. Although if the twist happened to be that the entire movie was just a play-by-play of a game in progress….

  6. Would definitely needs some Tyrranix, even if it’s just a bunch of crazy Green Fury dudes with the morphers on the roll, some awesome truck jump action, and unleashing Tyrranix himself… Even if that’s just the first 15 minutes against Defender X or something to set the stage and who the good guy is. If they have no more Terrasaurs, if they make that excellent, it’ll make me happy.

  7. The main story has to be Radicals and Green Fury bringing out the dinos. The backdrop would be the battle going on between Destroyers and Protectors. So you have the Planet Eater v. GUARD situation from the start, and the movie is about Green Fury entering the fray.

    I don’t care who does it, it would be HUGE for the game.

  8. Yeap. Already the news of a potential movie is going up across the internet on all kinds of sites. That kind of buzz alone is good for MonPoc. I don’t care who does the movie. It’s great for monpoc.


  9. Are you kidding me? Awhile back I posted something about a Monsterpocalypse movie on the forums and I got some harsh feedback… but if this is true then SWEET! and I just knew people would love the idea 😀

  10. I really doubt that Hollywood would make a movie based off of Monsterpocalypse. After all the game is already and adaptation of a genre. An adaptation of an adaptation would surely fail. If there is any truth to the story, securing the rights likely indicates a separate movie with the title Monsterpocalypse.

  11. Don’t forget the Jumanji-esque angle to the whole thing. Robin Williams aside, I did really like Jumanji and it’s space-age counterpart, Zathura. Doing Monpoc in a similar style would work well for me and wouldn’t demograph itself to a strict monster/kaiju audience which, sadly, is limited and probably doesn’t look very good for sales from an investors standpoint.

  12. Godzilla and Cloverfield are very different than MonPoc in that Godzilla has an historic character and Cloverfield uses the “it’s real” film style with the handycam action. I don’t see either of those lending well to Monpoc. None of the Monpoc characters are as historic and the vast world of monpoc just can’t be captured in that handycam format.