MP can continue on without PP?

Hey my fellow Monsterpocalypse fans! I was looking for some input from the MP community on an idea that I had. How accepting would you be if someone were to begin creating new monsters for the game? Obviously they would have to be as far removed from protected properties as possible, but would you as a player support the idea? Would you be interested in a system where the fans described monsters that they would want to see made? I’m just one guy and this is only an idea right now. I would like to know where the community of MP players stands on the concept to determine if it’s worth the attempt. This is about the only way I can think of to keep our game alive, since it’s clear that PP doesn’t hold us in very high regard! ANY and ALL input will be greatly appreciated.

  1. There was a group that put together a series 3. A complete set of monster and units for all the agenda’s. I forget what the project was called. I know that @Tekkactus did most of the artwork already for this. Most of the information was on the forums here at TC, but the forums are gone now, so I don’t know where the project stands. I would suggest seeing where things are at with them sense they have a ton of designs already made.

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  2. You’re welcome to try. I couldn’t pull it off.

    Where Project V stands is basically this: Everything I could do for the it (art, etc.) on my end is done. Before anything proceeds, I need the rough Vassal mod from Theorist. As far as I know, he hasn’t worked on it in months because he’s lost interest. Maybe over the summer when my schedule opens up, I’ll just put together a mod myself, but even then Swarm! is my higher priority.

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  3. I’m certain that I couldn’t do it alone! By NO stretch of the imagination am I a master of game mechanics. I’m primarily a sculptor, so my goal was to create the most impressive minis that I could. I want to see MP monsters that would make even the most critical gamer’s jaws drop! While I thoroughly enjoy the current designs, they do have a slight comedic element to them that’s distracting for me. I wouldn’t criticize anyone who likes it – more power to them – it’s just one-off for me. That being said, I have to admit that the Savage Swarm figs (my personal favorite) and the Empire of the Apes look pretty spectacular!

    I was going to attempt to sculpt a few new monsters that I designed and use the stats that already exist. The idea of getting together with a group of others to make the continuation of MP a reality (I think) would be really exciting!

    I’m going to do a sculpt of what I think Gorghadra should look like. It will be a few weeks bfore I can get to it; but, when it’s finished I’d love to see a verdict of what the rest of the MP community thinks of it! Might be a good way to guage interest in a series of new monsters with a more dramatic edge to them (I hope). Still, just an idea…

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