Oklahoma City Store Championship Tournament Report

I recently traveled over to Oklahoma City for the store championship at Litte Shoppe of Games. This was my third championship of the season, with my other two being Game Cafe in independence, MO and The Covenant store in Tulsa. Placing fifth and ninth in those tournaments respectively. Tulsa was well represented with seven of the fifteen participants making the trek and skipping our opening league night.

For this tournament I decided to go with my tried and true NBN. And then change things up slightly and run Gabe. I finished 2nd overall with my corp firing on all cylinders and going undefeated. Here are my deck lists for your analysis and viewing pleasure:

NBN: The World Is Yours*
44 cards, 12 influence

3x Astroscript
3x Project Beale
3x breaking news
3x Gilla Hands

1x Swordsman *
2x tollbooth
1x popup window
1x rototurret *
2x flare
2x wall of static
1x Enigma
2x wraparound
1x Draco

2x melange
2x pad campaign
1x marked accounts
3x Jackson Howard

3x SanSan

2x Biotic labor ****
3x Hedge fund
3x Sweeps Week
1x Power shutdown **

Criminal – Gabe
45 cards, 15 influence

1x Decoy
2x same old thing
3x plascrete
1x Kati jones
2x Daily Casts
2x RDI**
3x Desperado

3x Datasucker*
2x Corroder**
1x Mimic*
1x Yog*
1x faerie
1x femme
1x sneak door
1x Crypsis


1x blackmail
2x Emergency Shutdown
3x easy mark
3x inside job
3x sure gamble
2x dirty laundry
3x Account siphon
1x Makers eye**
2x special order


Round 1 – Jacob Cantrell (NEXT design/Kate)
I barely squeezed away with a 4-0 through two incredibly close, photo finish games. The first started off with momentum heavily in Jacob’s favor after he scored an Efficiency Comity turn two, and then quickly busting out two more two pointers with Shipment form SanSans and Biotic Labors hanging out in his hand. I was able to come from behind and pull 4 points somewhere between HQ and R&D, then I scored his only 3 pointer off of the top of R&D. The corp game was equally close with him stealing five points out before I got the win.

Round 2 – Stanton from OKC (NBN:TWIY*/Kate)
Our first game has like sitting in a episode of the twilight zone. Watching him do to me what I’ve done so many times in the last several months. He fast advanced his way to seven points while I was hopelessly drawling for for some sort of economy, which was apparently taking a vacation at the bottom of my deck. I can only assume that many of my opponents have felt the same way while watching me score lightning quick agendas hoping to get their rig running before it’s to late. The big difference between our decks (at least that I got to see) was ‘Shipment From Sansan’ that he used to advance two of his agendas. My thoughts on Shipment within NBN are that it costs you 3 clicks and a card slot (one to drawl, two to play) and only saves you two credits. While it’s one click faster then gaining two credits and advancing twice, I just can’t justify the card slot in an already tight deck, that could go to say, another more efficient economy card. It’s Amazing when splashed into HB (see that previous game), but in-faction, I think there are better uses for the slot, which works great with the flavor; why do you need a shipment from there if you’re already there? It was however working quite nicely for Stanton.

Our second game was a mirror image, where I got my machine rolling and his Kate deck couldn’t quite keep up. Stanton was a great opponate and I hope to see him and the rest of the OKC guys at our monthly Saturday tournaments.

Round 3 – Tim Bunn (Noise/jinteki:PE)
This round comes with a bit of a prolog:

I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that this is my third store championship and second one that I traveled out of town for. Tim also made the trip to Game Cafe where we also squared off in the final round. Tim has also gotten paired against only Tulsa folks on both of our trips. Our match in Independence I rank as two of the best, and closest games of netrunner I’ve played. However, Tim edged out the victory in both of those rounds. Even coming back from a six point deficit with his corp nonetheless (you can read about his decks from that tournament Here). Though I probably play more games against Tim than anyone else, this match definitely felt like a rematch of our Independence games. After a brief discussion on destiny, a firm hand shake, and a roll, we were off to our first game.

After winning the roll-off, I Chose to Corp first against his devastating Noise/Siphon/Mill deck. To preface this game (again? What is this, an episode of Lost?), we play tested the night before and I won one only of three games against this deck. And even that was due mostly to mistakes that I knew he wouldn’t be making again, and blind luck on my part. After getting account siphoned six times in one game the night before, I knew a rock solid source of economy would be crucial to this game. Luckily I was able to biotic labor a Gilla Hands early and was able to have just enough cash when I needed it (having a non-trashable, non-drawl reliant source of income when you’re playing an Imp-happy, mill-crazy opponent is absolutely invaluable). It also helped me greatly that his deck was giving him very bad drawls, if he would have drawn any one of 6 different cards, he would have turned momentum completely in his favor (the Wraparound protecting HQ gets a big gold star, but would have been useless against the knights and corroders conveniently hanging out at the bottom of his deck). The world was indeed mine as I brought home the first game.

In game two however, Tim did what he does arguably better than anyone else, which is pilot a punishing finely tuned jinteki deck to a firm victory. With as many times as I’ve played Tim, you’d think that I’d be able to navigate those trap filled waters a little better, but alas, an ill advised run on R&D on my forth click brought me face to face with a game ending Fetal AI (hitting that knowing he had 3 neural EMPs in hand was quite the moment of despair).¬†Splitting against Tim Bunn in the final round of a tournament isn’t a bad way to go out in my opinion. Playing him also gave me the highest possible strength of schedule, gaining me 2nd place overall.

I’d like to again give a big shout out to all the guys from OKC. They made wonderful hosts for the evening, and I look forward to meeting again soon! I’m hoping to start seeing more players in our growing regional community start to mix and mingle a little more. and I think the store championships have been wetting peoples appetite for regionals and beyond.