Our Road To MonCon 2012: 1 week out…

T- Minus 1 week and counting…


On to stuff not so serious

MonCon 2012 is now only a week away and this time next Thursday some of us will be meeting for the first time in Tulsa. Last week I compiled different things we could all do to help us get ready. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play though. This week leading up to MonCon 2012 I wanted to highlight some of the not so serious things in preparation for MonCon. There are a lot of things done in our community that make Monsterpocalypse fun and entertaining. That’s why most of us keep coming back to the game. So to further agitate anyone starting to get excited about the trip to Tulsa and MonCon 2012, here are some of the more entertaining things related to MoPoc. Enjoy!

On the Site

One of the most entertaining things I’ve seen on the TC website is a serious of comic strips called Spazz and Wappy. The community member from the Great White North, Spazz , has been posting these in blogs every few days and many of the community members have made appearances in these.  I have heard Spazz gets inspiration from us all. For many of us it’s a highlight of a day to see a new comic strip posted.

If you haven’t been following them or just want to reread them, Spazz put together the 1st 50 of Spazz and Wappy here. Follow the misadventures of Spazz, Wappy, and others from the TC community to see what kind of trouble they get themselves into and for a good laugh.



Something fun to do to get you in the Monsterpocalypse mood, is to listen to the podcasts related to the game. There are three to pick from:

  • The Monsterpocalpse Podcast
  • He Said, He Said
  • Monster Island

Two were recorded by some of the Team Covenant guys and can be found on their website or through iTunes. The last one was recorded by community members from Canada and can be found also on iTunes. All can be very entertaining and you can learn some things about the game from the different subjects covered in the podcast. These are nice to download to your ipod and listen to them on the go, like on the way to MonCon.


If you just want to relive the memories or check out the past MonCons, the Team Covenant U-Tube channel goes back a few years with plenty of videos posted that involve Monsterpocalypse. If you don’t want to go through all the videos and want just a taste, go to the MonCon 2012 page and click on The Vault. Once there you’ll find select videos from Team Covenants  U-Tube channel involving MonPoc. This is a good way to get excited about MonCon 2012 when you can see it going on and see some of the interviews from players.

We’re almost there!

These were just some of the things that come to my mind which make Monsterpocalypse fun and entertaining besides all the serious, at times competitive, game play. Reading, watching or listening to these are the fun part of playing and being part of the Monsterpocalypse community. For me they help get me more excited about attending MonCon for the first time this year. If anyone else has any more entertaining subject geared around MonPoc and the TC site, please share them.  Then we can all get more excited and ready for MonCon 2012… if we’re not already!