Post MonCon Thoughts

With MonCon freshly over, my blood is still pumping just thinking about this great thing.  If nothing else (and there certainly is much more to it!) MonCon is *the* place for me to hone my skills.  My first MonCon was last year, and I brought a single FAC-only list of Ubercorp with all 4 monsters because I like to travel light.  I did my best to construct that list of 12 buildings and 15 Ubercorp units, but I really couldn’t have known what I was in for.

When I did get to MonCon 2011, my list was tested beyond my wildest reckoning.  Unlike any other time I’ve gone to play a game, MonPoc or otherwise, it was just nonstop gaming.  Game after game, I probably played more MonPoc at that convention than I had in my whole life.  And using that one list I brought over and over really worked to test out the kinks, let me tell you!  Normally I’m the kind of player to never play the same X twice; I’m just too casual and afraid of commitment.  I own a full force of every faction, for example, and almost every single monster so I never really feel the desire to play the same one over and over again, which is to my detriment as I never get used to what I have, and never really get used to the toolbox I worked so hard to put together.  It worked especially well with Ubercorp as they have so many cool triggers and actions: they even have my two all time favorite triggers, Chain Reaction and Explosion which are just so fun to play with.  Of course I didn’t really have a chance to experiment with splashes as I had just brought the one list, but a real great guy by the name of BenZee traded me an Interceptor for a Glass Mecha Chomper, which was just so fun to play with!  Just one unit with transport really shook up my fresh, and I enjoyed completely clogging up my opponent’s spawn point on Mayhem on Memorial every game thereafter >:D

Well after that convention, I was vastly improved in skill and pretty excited at that.  My MonPoc Karma had really ascended to another plane, I was able to see past the basic rules and really start to realize the complexity with which everything interacts.  However, the trend did not continue as the chance to play MonPoc nonstop back home was nil as life got in the way.  We still met up every other week at the FLGS to BS and play MonPoc, but I never stuck to the same faction and didn’t increase in skill at all.

Fast-Forward to June 2012, with my second MonCon quickly approaching.  I had to get together a list, and fast!  My 3 criteria were that it had to be fun to play, faction only, and as unique as possible.  I had actually planned on representing my brother’s Bugs with Mucustos as it was a monster I thought to be very unique, fun, and kind of an underdog.  In hindsight I’m glad I waffled out of that choice since it seemed everyone else thought of that monster as well 🙂  I really am the kind of person who wants to play the dude nobody else is playing.  I switched to Martians at the last minute because I figured “well, if I can’t take home the gold, I might as well try to annoy my opponent as much as possible!” and I just so happened to have been messing around with a very annoying Martian list with 3 power pods and 2 nullifiers.  My plan was to have a ton of fun flying those saucers around and plopping off pods on power zones or in front of targets to weaken them, and it worked out well!  My army never relied on a power base at all with Amplify, and though I never really got the hang of using Mire on the nullifiers, weaken was very useful.  On top of that opening turns were a snap with the Martians because I just focused on snatching up those power/negative zones, and my 6 speed flyers could really gain ground without much planning.

Overall I am very satisfied with my list’s performance at MonCon 2012, they were exactly as fun as I thought they would be to run.  I was also surprised to find out that I didn’t get rusty since the last MonCon!  Right now, while I am still coming down from the trademarked “MonCon High”, I really want to press forward with this momentum and try Mastering Monsterpocalypse.  The dilemma is who to Master.  I know that it would be really easy for me to use Martians and I would really like to Master Galaxius-4 as I have a head start from the past weekend, but I had to retire the force and give them to my little bro as a present, so it’s gotta be someone else.

I’ve pretty much gotten it narrowed down to five factions.  G.U.A.R.D., Elemental Champions, Terrasaurs, Planet Eaters, and Shadow Sun Syndicate.  I started up a Mastering with Vorgax and his planet eaters, but that faction relies too much on splashes for my taste so I don’t know about that.  Shadow Sun would be fun, and I’ve barely played them at all, but lots of people use them including my local pressganger so I’m not really feeling it.  I love everything about GUARD and EC and would love to do one of them, but I am worried that I will have to splash in-agenda, and above all I hate the flavor of GUARD’s technology and EC’s natural spirit power combining. :/  I guess it’s because individually the factions are so awesome; guard’s Orange ‘n’ Blue vehicles, and EC’s tetracolorful kamis.  But together idunno.  There’s also Terrasaurs but I’m also worried I wouldn’t like splashing there, because who hasn’t mashed up the wonderful dinos and apes?

Welp, these are the things occupying my mind this fine Tuesday afternoon.  My little brother’s out of school in an hour and a half, and I’ll be getting in an action-packed game after that!!!  Feedback would be awesome my friends, if you can convince me to waffle one way or another by then I would be grateful.  As of now I am leaning towards protectors but we’ll see!