Quantum Quarrel: Men from Mars

All of the new Quantums are really cool (and I can’t wait to see all the entries from the create-a-Quantum contest), but one has managed to crawl up into my heart and take residence there. While I did ponder about bringing in Quantum Defender X to this, I knew I would feel guilty if I didn’t bring Quantum Deimos up to the plate. So everyone should beware purple men from Mars!

So pretty.....

Quantum Deimos

   Vanguard x2
E Vanguard
E Marauder
   Power Pod
   Nullifier Pod
E Despoiler
E Maco Sub
   Hunter Kor’al
   Spadefin Skimmer
   Glass Spiral Relay x2
   Nautilus Blaster x2

Arsia Outpost x5
Nuclear Plant x3
Newpaper Office
Radar Array
Tockyo City Center

Kill Again’s Island / Riverside Rampage