Quest Log for Lord of the Rings The Card Game

For those of you who are not familiar with the Quest log for the Lord of the Rings LCG, I strongly suggest you check it out. It basically keeps track of the scores for the quests you have beaten. I feel like it is a great tool to help you improve as a player. So far I have scored 20 of the current 26 quests spread out across playing 1 to 4 player games. Some of them I have beat several times and have decreased my scores (which is a good thing. Think of LOTR scoring like you do a Golf score) and others I have just bearly beat, leaving myself plenty of room for improvement.

When scoring the games you do the following:

Add the total threat of the group + the number of rounds X10 + any damage on player cards + the threat of any heroes that are in the discard pile then subtract any Victory points in your victory window.

 For Example: Last night I played the Watcher in the Water quest with a friend and this is how we scored the game:
My Ending threat was 42
His Ending threat was 37
6 rounds times 10 = 60
Total Damage = 0
Dead Hero Threat = 0

Victory point – 3
Total of 136

Core Quests:

Passage Through Mirkwood (Solo):  93 {Bilbo, Beravor, Legolas}
Journey Down the Anduin
(Solo) : 102 {Bifur, Elerond, Eleanor}
Escape from Dol Guldur : Not Scored

Mirkwood Cycle:

The Hunt for Gollum: (2 Player):  143 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
Conflict at the Carrock (2 Player): 154 {Elladan, Legolas, Glorfindal (Spirit)}
A Journey to Rhosgobel (2 Player) : 94 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}
The Hills of Emyn Muil (2 Player): 118 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}
The Dead Marshes (2 Player): 154 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}
Return to Mirkwood (2 Player) : 92 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}


Into the Pit (2 Player): 115 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
Flight from Moria (2 Player): 210 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
The Seventh Level (2 Player): 149 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}

Dwarrowdelf Cycle:

The Redhorn Gate (3 Player) – 171 {Glorfindel (Spirit), Eleanor, Aragorn (Lore)}
Road to Rivendell  (2 Player) – 110 {Aragorn (Leadership), Eleanor, Ewoyn}
The Watcher in the Water  (2 Player) – 136 {Aragorn (Leadership), Eleanor, Ewoyn}
The Long Dark – (2 Player)83 {Legolas, Glofindel (Spirit), Beregond}
Foundation of Stone – Not Scored
Shadow and Flame – Not Scored

Heirs of Numenor:

Peril in Pelargir (2 Player): 158 {Aragorn (lore), Theodred, Boromir(Leadership)
Into Ithilien – Not Scored
The Siege of Cair Andros (2 Player) 170: {Aragorn (Leadership), Beravor, Boromir (Leadership)}

Overhill and Underhill (Hobbit Saga):

We Must Away, Ere Break of Day (4 Player): 240 {Frodo, Ewoyn, Beravor}
Over the Misty Mountains Grim  (4 Player): 246 {Ewoyn, Theodred, Dunhere}
Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim (2 Player):182 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}

Gencon Quests:

The Massing at Osgiliath (Solo) : 132 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
The Battle of Lake-town – Not Scored