Reflections as the First Force Pack Comes Out

As I wait patiently for The Desolation of Hoth to reach the sunny shores of Australia, I thought it would be a good time to reflect upon my current decks and what I might/ might not change when I get my hands on the first Force Pack.

First up – My Two Dark Side Decks

Imperial Navy Affiliation – Vehicles with some trooper back up

2 x Imperial Command 

2 x Kuat Reinforcements

2 x Death and Despayre

2 x Defense Protocol

2 x The Endor Gambit

1 x Reconnaissance Mission

Apart from one minor addition to this deck I have not changed it since I first built it after getting the game. This is my favourite deck, mainly due to the theme (Mighty Imperial Navy) While not as ‘fast’ as a Rebel Vehicle Deck it is still a powerful build that sometimes takes a few turns to build up. Orbital Bombardment and the extra fate cards give this deck an extra boost at grabbing objectives to push up that dial.

When it comes to deck performance, I don’t rate a deck’s performance by winning and losing, I rate it by how well the deck works, if it all comes together, can I play this deck and it be competitive?

This deck works, it is competitive and it does all come together, the only issue is that it can be a bit slow to get off the mark and only has one heavy hitter Devastator making the overall deck slightly weaker than other decks I have seen.

My Performance rating: 90%

Changes? Probably none until we start getting the Hoth Force Packs with AT-AT’s and AT-ST’s,


Imperial Navy Affiliation – ‘Sith’ Control and Force

2 x Cruel Interrogations 

2 x Counsel of the Sith

2 x The Ultimate Power

2 x Take Them Prisoner

1 x Reconnaissance Mission

1 x Corporate Exploitation

I built this deck as my answer to the Sith Control decks I had played against and seen on the net. I wanted to do something different to the Emperor/Vader combos but still workable. When this deck works it works really well – shutting my opponent out of the game, capturing cards, forcing them to discard cards, picking up extra card thus keeping card advantage, some troopers for defence and Superlaser Blast!  I have had the most success with this deck vs a Jedi Mains deck, not so much vs Rebel Vehicle Swarm.  Thus we come to the two major failings of this deck.

1. The deck just falls flat on it’s face sometimes and doesn’t work against certain deck types.

2. When it does work it works too well, I play to win but I also want to be a good sport, I want to have fun while playing and i want my opponent to have fun as well but when this deck is working it is not fun to play against as it pretty much locks you out of the game.

My Performance Rating: 60%

Changes? I have played enough games with this deck to give it a good test run and this deck and concept will be retired. Once I get the new Force Pack I will probably try something with the Lord Vader’s Command pod


Now the Light Side

Jedi Affiliation – Luke and Obi Wan

2 x A Hero’s Journey  

2 x Forgotten Heroes

2 x A Journey to Dagobah

2 x The Secret of Yavin 4

2 x Jedi Training 

1 x Hit and Run

‘I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you’ along with Obi Wan, a heap of cheep Force user units, shielding, protect and Red 5. I’m not really sure what else to say about this one, I built it to be functional as I don’t really feel much for the Jedi sets, this is my Secondary LS deck and will probably slip to Tertiary when the Smuggler and Spies stuff comes out. This deck works quite well, has resources to get all your units out and thanks to Jedi Training and Ancient Monument you can potentially easily hold the force firmly in your hands. The deck though is not as strong like a Han/Jedi Mains deck or as fast at taking out Objectives like a Rebel Vehicle deck.

My Performance Rating: 85%

Changes? I am not a huge fan of the new Jedi pod so probably none for the moment.

Rebel Alliance Affiliation – Vehicles, Leia and Support

2 x Mobilize the Squadron 

2 x The Rebel Fleet

2 x The Defense of Yavin 4

2 x Fleeing the Empire

2 x Mission Briefing

1 x Hit and Run

This is my most powerful deck, also with this I have pulled off a turn two win (exceptional circumstances that will probably never be replicated) It is a fun deck to play, lots of cheep cards you can put down and plenty of resources. Fun combos like Leia and You’re my Only Hope and plenty of ways to nab your 3 objectives while also blunting your opponents attacks. This deck just works pretty much all the time, win or lose this deck doesn’t skip a beat and you only have to worry about misplaying or multiple bad draws.

My Performance Rating: 95%

Changes? SNOW SPEEDERS! need I say any more?


The Elephant in the room: So you have probably noticed that 3 of these decks have 11 Objectives, they each have the Limit 1 Fate card pod from there respective side. I felt I needed some more Ommph in my playing, especially when it came to edge battles so I put those Objectives pods in and have not looked back. I have played more than enough games now to say that for me and my play style the extra 5 cards do not negatively impact those 3 decks in anyway.


That’s it for now, my next post will be after I have gotten my hands on The Desolation of Hoth.