Reworking the unworkable

So I wasn’t really happy with my two secondary Decks, I really wanted to give them another go but the more I looked at them the more I realised they were unworkable in their current configuration

Smugglers and Spies Affiliation

2 x Questionable Contacts
2 x Decoy at Dantoonie
2 x The Defense of Yavin 4 
2 x Mission Briefing
2 x Draw Their Fire

and Sith Affiliation

2 x Cruel Interrogations
2 x Take Them Prisoner
2 x The Bespin Exchange
2 x Shadows of Dathomir
2 x Looking for Droids

So I sat down and changed both decks, as I noted in my Second Session Report the S&S deck was supposed to be a Hero’s of the Rebel Alliance deck and yet it had no Leia! the change for this deck was simple – remove The Defense of Yavin 4 and replace with Fleeing the Empire.

So now it has Han Solo, Leia, Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar – plenty of resources, cheap vehicles and some other tricks up it’s sleeve.

I used this deck against an Imperial Navy Trooper deck with great success (it also helped that my opponent didn’t really know how Leia works and targeted her, thus clearing my board of focus tokens)


I don't think my opponent will make the same mistake twice


My other deck however needed some more work, I wanted to keep the control and capture theme but make the deck actually workable instead of a themey yet un-cohesive mess.

My first step was to drop The Bespin Exchange and without that 3rd affiliation I no longer needed Looking for Droids


Bye bye Boba


The deck needed some more ommph and some more resources so I added in 2 x The Ultimate Power (this also meant an affiliation change to Imperial Navy) In my game this set helped alleviate my resources issue, gave some more ommph to the deck and I also happened to draw 2 x Superlaser blast after I mulligend my hand and took out 2 objectives early in the game which helped seal the game for me.

The deck still had a lot of high cost cards in it so I then added Corporate Exploitation – Lots of cheap cannon fodder! and a way to put out cheap units out of phase if you have the objective out. As it is a limited to 1 objective set per deck I needed one more so I chose Reconnaissance Mission.


The objective itself is really good, anything that gets you extra cards is gold in this game, plus the droids are good to get a free play when you win an edge battle (and thus also come in with their edge icons enabled) and more fate cards never seem to go astray.

This new deck worked exactly how I expected my original idea to work – facing off against a Han/Luke/Obi Wan deck I captured cards, locked down my opponents units, forced my opponent to discard cards and blasted away objectives.

The deck now had not only the cards needed to control the board but most importantly the cards to support that control – something that was lacking in the original deck. Resources was not an issue and there was only 1 turn where I had to be careful how I spent resources.