Round 1 Vassal Tournament Analysis

I was thinking I would do a matchup analysis for each game for mrfroggies Xwing Vassal tournament. I will only comment on the lists themselves and not the players as I’m not familiar enough with all of the pilots to comment on that. Additionally it will be a nice way to look at builds and how they affect other builds.

Without Further ado…

Kath’s Counterstrike vs Han 360 – Interesting match between the two most annoying ships in the game: Kath Scarlett and the Y-wing with ion cannon. With two Y’s Han 360 will be able to force movement on the big ships, but they won’t do a lot of offense. I wonder if Kath’s Counterstrike will go after Han first, as he’s 90% of the damage. Getting Han 360 to attack Dark Curse might be a problem.

Saber Squadron vs Colt 45: Works Every Time – This is a very scary matchup for Saber Squadron, as there will be no where to run from the yt’s with Gunner. That being said if they can survive the first engagement, they can kill a yt in 2 rounds. I expect this to be a quick match with either a yt dying early or int’s dropping like flies.

Variations on the Swarm vs The Buffs – The Buffs has the potential to kill 2 ties a turn, which is scary. I imagine Dutch or Han to be the first target, either is somewhat appealing. Dutch has less hp and Han has offense that can’t be ignored. I imagine the Buffs will try to take out the Alphas first.

The Imperial Daredevils vs Let the Wookie Win – I’ve seen this matchup first hand, Vader will use daredevil and TL to get wedge without having biggs in his arc. This is very dangerous. That being said, if biggs can get some good flying, I think it has the firepower to be a big problem for Daredevils. I’m not sure why Howlie has VI and Engine upgrade, doesn’t that make us want to shoot him more, or is that the point?

(UPDATED) @wapcaplets and I did a gamecast of this game shortly after it was completed because it was an awesome match. Watch it here! This was somewhat a beta test as our sound was choppy and we were getting a feel of how this would work. Overall I think it came out well.

The Hit Squad vs The Wedgie – unfortunately assault missiles probably will be useless vs this list and more likely to cause friendly fire than help as I suspect Han and Wedge will not be near each other often. Still I expect this to quickly become Han vs. Darth and Bounty Hunter. Interesting that there are 3 ships at PS 11.

To Tie For vs Solid Gold – Holy Cow this one will be fun! Ties v Y’s! Horton Salm is my favorite ship and seeing him decked out is awesome. The bad news is the golds will fire after every tie, and with agi 1 one of the golds might not get a chance to fire off any protons, or Horton might not get a chance to fire his second.  PS will be pretty key here.

Modified win vs A-wing with a hint of Wedge – My match. Those missiles scare me. The good news is due to PS they will likely fire on the second round of engagement. Wedge is in serious defensive mode and makes me want to attack A wings which is great news for Wedge. This is a match that will likely be decided by if and where those missile launch.

A Murder of Crows vs GLW Triple Shot – First of all, awesome team name to A Murder of Crows…. pure distilled awesome. A lot of interesting shenanigans with triple shot to get luke or wedge free focus. Also 3 PS9 xwings is going to kill something more often than not. I’m not sure why Crows decided to put stealth device on Dark Curse, It just makes it more likely that Triple Shot will want to kill Soontir or Backstabber. Those are pretty key offensive cogs in that list.

Prisoner Transport vs Han Shoots First – Interesting to see similar ideas against each other (large ship w/ escorts) I wouldn’t be surprised if they play each other the exact opposite way with Transport attacking the escorts and Han Shoots attacking the large ship. How often Krassis can stay at long range  with the front arc pointing towards a ship will play a big part in this.

I Have You Now! vs Lukes Strike Force – I know one thing. Vader is going to either live or be the last imperial ship shot down. He’ll get that missile off. I’m not sure why the extra r2 was added to the rookie pilot, why not lose it and get initiative to block other rookies and golds? This is a great example of imperial defense vs rebel offense. I don’t think that Academy tie is long for this world, but I’m pretty sure it’s there to take attacks away from soontir.

Northern Exposure vs MIGHT-TY CHEW-BAC-CA – Kath with HLC is confusing, no way to generate crits. It makes her a PS9 pilot with no pilot ability. That being said, there is a tooooooon of Offense in those 3 ships and they all fire before Mighty Chewbacca.  Chewie is very strong in this list and I’m sure that’s on purpose. The longer the xwings live the more chaos they can cause. If you were Northern Exposure do you attack Chewie with 1 agi and 13hp or the rookies with 3 agi and 5 hp?

Additional Damage vs Wedge, Biggs and Goldies – Oh man… A list that’s designed to stay within range 1 of biggs vs 2 Assault Missiles and 2 seismic charges. I would scrap having everyone near Biggs on this game or it will be over quick. If the golds can survive, they can walk either large ship off the map and that will be incredibly frustrating, also awesome.

Earn your Stripes vs The Replacements – 2 lists predicated on initiative. That roll might be the most important one in the game. 5 vs 5 as well. If I had to guess, this comes down to whether or not those 3 rookies can kill a interceptor before it gets to fire. If not, the imperials severely outgun the rebels on this game. Really cool to see a 5 ship rebel build.

Double x Double Y vs Wookie Sandwhich – Our first rebel vs rebel. How quickly can Double x kill off Wookie’s Biggs, who will likely be doing green maneuvers the whole time. A tidbit to remember is an ion cannon 1 is not considered green… R2d2 might not come into play. I imagine wookie wants to kill luke as soon as possible to have all ships at higher PS.

Double K vs Last Minute Muster – This is an interesting match. Last minute, due to missiles, has the juice to kill a firespray in 1 turn pretty easily. That would crush double K. That being said, I’d put it at a virtual certainty that Wedge doesn’t live past turn 4. Wedge is by far the most important ship on last minute and is responsible for a large portion of the offense. He’s also not too well defended.

The Three Stooges vs Wedge, Horton, Rookie, Prototype – I like Horton with Biggs, He’s got a chance to fire off both missiles if flown right. That’s probably 3 hits each attack for the enemy to dodge. That could kill an x wing. I’m not the biggest fan of R2D2, just seems like a lot of points for essentially shield upgrade (I don’t expect Biggs to get more than one recharge out without dying).  Since the Wedge list bought the extra ship… I hope to see that A wing do some blocking. He’ll need to because I’m not sure the Rookie X wing lives (or even shoots, 2  Xwings and the Proton Surgeon Horton fire at PS8)  past the first engagement if he doesn’t.

There you go, my quick thoughts on every match for round 1 going into the tournament. I may take the game logs and do a game cast or anaylsis of the game itself, commenting on moves and actions taken. Would this be of interest to anyone?