Seed 2 Officially Released!

Can you hear it? The sound of whistles and buzzers and cheering fans and fireworks and dragons and quotidian torture? I can. This is a big event for all of us Spoils fans. Seed II, the first set since the official relaunch of The Spoils by Arcane Tinment, is here – IN STORES, here.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, once Tenacious went down (not due to poor sales, mind you), we all thought that was the end. We thought we would never see a new Spoils card. And then all of us kept pushing and talking about The Spoils, and asking what we could do and, eventually, Michael at Arcane Tinmen took interest and bought the license. That was step one. Sure, the license was bought, but would anything be done with it? Then we started getting some new card art. That was step two. Right, right, there’s some art, but is this really happening? Will Arcane Tinmen really go through with this and produce ACTUAL product? Then we saw Seed II at Gencon. Step three! There were actual cards – actual product! Oh how beautiful it was. But, would this stuff actually get to stores? Would the playerbase be rebuilt? Would weekly tournaments return?

This is step 4. It has been a long journey, but The Spoils is back in every respect, and in my opinion even stronger than before. With Red and Will running OP like the beasts that they are, and Michael, the AT team, and Lytle and co. working together so well, I think we’re witnessing the beginning of something marvelous. Our deepest congratulations to everyone who helped to make this happen. We’re here!

For those curious, Seed II is currently in the mail to our location. Once it has arrived, we will bust it open and be fully stocked from 1st Edition – Seed II. What a good week.

You can visit the Spoils page for the official announcement, and to check out their new Seed II theme.