Session Report the 2nd

Been slowly putting my thoughts together as I rest at home with a sinus infection and I keep on flip flopping as to where to go from here but first the session report –


So I used my second Dark Side deck to mixed success, ultimately I lost but I made some silly decisions in that game and ran into a resource problem yet again

My opponent used his Rebel Vehicle/Resources deck again, a very damn good deck with plenty of Resources to keep replacing lost units every turn and thus never losing presence on the board

As to mistakes – I should have used my chance to mulligan and redraw my starting hand

Secondly I shouldn’t have attached the blaster pistol to Boba Fett – it gave him too much damage and thus could not capture cards



Would changing those two things have changed the ultimate outcome of the game? maybe, maybe not, in hindsight I certainly should have played my cards differently. Most importantly I didn’t really have a resource affiliation issue though I did have an overall resource issue, I had too many 3 cost cards and thus couldn’t get all the cards out I needed to at the right times.

This game wasn’t close like my first DS game with my Navy deck, by about Death Start tick 7 it was just about all over as I was swamped each turn by Rebel Vehicles which would die easy but not without keeping me on the back foot and they are cheep enough my Opponent could lay out some fresh ones the next turn. Also I never picked up the event cards to capture (I did get 2 objective captures) or get my opponent to discard.

But that is only 1 game and the deck partially succeeded in capturing some cards and projecting some board presence, I think this deck can be moderately successful with some more carefully planning and thinking before committing cards to the play area



  • Get a list of the Objectives my opponent uses in his Rebel Deck and do a blog post about it
  • Try it against a jedi deck
  • Possible re-make this deck from scratch?? don’t know yet
Second game I switched to my Rebel Deck, now I didn’t initially have Questionable Contacts in this deck but I made a change based on a post here and I think ultimately I ruined this deck
what was a vehicle/character deck became a jack of all trades mess.
So I had
2 x Questionable Contacts
2 x Decoy at Dantoonie
2 x The Defense of Yavin 4 
2 x Mission Briefing 

2 x Draw Their Fire


And my Opponent brought out an Emperor/Vader Sith deck


My opponent had me on the back foot right from the get go when he dropped a Rancor on turn 1 then  got the Sith event card recycling mechanic that is favoured by this type of deck up and running

I conceded on my turn when the Death Star dial was at 10 and I could not swing the force back to me


My Rebel deck just didn’t work and was blown away, I tried to do something different from the powerful Rebel Vehicle decks and got severely punished for it

I know I was saying I would leave all four of my decks as is for a few games to see how they go and not judge them too harshly with only one result to show for it but the more I think about it and look at the sets in my Rebel deck the more I am convinced it is an unworkable mess – I mean there is one gaping hole that even a blind man could see! and those that have played this LCG have probably seen it as soon as they say my Objective set list! Where is Leia????


  • Remake deck
  • Don’t be so stupid
  • Learn well from these mistakes, organised play is coming
Next games night is next Thursday (public holiday here monday) will prob take my Jedi and Navy deck out for a round 2