Session Report the 3rd

So after testing out all four of my deck builds it was time to give my Imperial Navy and Jedi deck another go

My opponent had a Jedi/S&S deck to try (it was a deck he had been building to counter his Emperor/Vader Sith deck)

My Imperial Navy Deck performed beautifully

I had strong opening objectives – Death and Despayre, Kuat Reinforcements and The Endor Gambit

I drew my opening hand – prepared to mulligen if it wasn’t perfect – I drew 2 Heavy Stormtrooper, 2 Tie Fighter, Tallon Roll and Death from Above – This was perfect!

I dropped both Stormtroopers and committed them to the force to bring the balance to me and ended my turn

I cannot remember exactly what my opponent played on his first turn but he had drawn some pretty resource intensive cards and wanted to keep them as they were good cards – Han Solo and Redemption so his start was a bit slow

I dropped TIE Fighters and with Death from above started putting the hurt on my opponent

The game wasn’t one sided though, my opponent got his big guns out and fought back, I left him unopposed in order to keep my units on the table to pound back and as his big guns would have minced mine

Motti came into play twice as Solo kept on taking him out, poor Motti but I still got use out of him


But I couldn’t afford to devote units to taking out Solo and Redemption as he pulled out Skywalker and brought the game to neck and neck – I needed to advance the Death Star Dial as quickly as possible, using cards like Backstabber and Target of Opportunity to get more damage on objectives











It came down to one of those last ditch must do this or I lose efforts for both of us, his came up first and he just couldn’t get enough damage through and on my turn I nailed another objective and secured the game.



  • I did not have any resource issues this time
  • Everything seemed to work in synergy as I wanted
  • I need to work on my card timing, I played a few cards an action window or two too early thus slipping my plan to my opponent


Next game I used my Jedi Deck and my opponent used his Trooper Imperial Navy Deck

Again I was ready to mulligan but got another strong with with guardians and believers

My opponent opened strong with an Orbital Bombardment on his first turn – then followed with troopers and Tarkin

These two cards equal a bad day for your objectives!


I got my units out but kept on failing to draw Luke or Yoda, whereas my opponent added to his Trooper stack with some TIE’s and Human Replica Droids

Resources also became a bit of an issue with no training grounds cards popping up – at least 1 of the 4 of them in my deck would have been handy


Play swung back and forth initially until I had 1 objective in hand and a heavily damaged one about to fall taking me to two when the trooper crush backed up by that damn Orbital Bombardment forced me to concede



  • Perhaps I should have mulligan’d my hand
  • I think I just had bad luck in regards to draw
  • Need to look at enhancement removal cards


Overall I am very happy and had two good games that both became pretty nail-biting at times. I am beginning to notice though that due to how engagements work it becomes very clear that most of the time you simply leave your opponent unopposed as you can very quickly calculate what will/wont survive and what you can do next turn due to what your opponent will have focused at the end of the engagement – feels a bit Rock, Paper, Scissors at times