Shadow Sun Faction Units – help me!

So I’ve recently stocked up on a full faction of Shadow Sun units for no particular reason ( ;D ) and I’m actually very interested in them and would like to build a faction-pure army with them. You (especially those at MonCon who witnessed my pure UberCorp) might be saying “Faction pure? What a loser! Why?!” Well, despite the fact that I think faction pure is as beautiful a union of units and monster as Peanut Butter and Jelly and would never dream of shattering that perfection except in the rarest of circumstances, I need to do faction pure to better myself. I’ve only started playing the game in November, and so I really haven’t had the chance to wrap my mind around the macrocosm that is this game. There are just so many metagame goings-on that I haven’t even yet experienced.

To put things in perspective for you old salts, I started playing the game during the current series, 5. That means I’ve found myself thrust into a MonPoc golden age, where there are uncountable combinations of plastic dudes, 5 series’ worth! That’s a lot of permutations or whatever you call it. If I would have started during series 1 I would have had plenty of time to understand how those figures behave, then work on what series 2 adds when it comes out, and so forth in small, easily digestive portions.

The way my mind works, I can’t really take any shortcuts and start jumping into master level strategies like splashing from 4 different agendas before I even know how the agenda I’m using works with itself, or I won’t really learn anything. I can hardly wait to cram 5 series’ worth of strategy into my skull, but I have to start slow and work my way up through grueling, Rocky-style training montages using simple unit lists until I get enough of those A-ha! moments to tweak my army and be awesome. So yeah, that’s basically my MonPoc modus operandi.

For the moment, I really really do need the help of wise veterans such as yourselves. Right now I am focusing on Shadow Sun, and need to figure out what units to use. I can only bring 15 so I can’t just bring 3 of anything like I pretty much can with the Now block since they only have 2 series’ worth and Rise has the full 3, and quite frankly I’m stumped when it comes to Shadow Sun – I’ve never even played with them, let alone used them.

Please, please help me to choose a well-rounded SSS unit pool, one that functions well and also lends itself to learning! I’d like to also know what’s so great/crappy about each unit if you would be so kind, or why you think I should bring certain ones over others. Pretty much the only things I’ve been able to figure out is to bring an Interceptor for high speed + transport, at least 1 of each cargo, and 2g 1e of banana because they look wicked accurate. There are so many unanswered questions coursing through my active brain, such as “are s-types/sun fighters even worth bringing ever?” And I look at discovering the beautiful nuances of this faction with feelings of overwhelming majesty.

C’mon, help a n00b become something more! Please? 🙂 Oh, and if it matters assume I have whatever SSS units you think I need 😀