Spazz and Wappy – One Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Spazz and Wappy!

(or should that be “Wappy” birthday?)

In some ways it feels like just yesterday, but in other ways it seems like it has been something that I have been doing forever!  But here we are, one year later!

When I started this comic one year ago, I had one simple stipulation for it’s continuation, that people had to show their support.  I mean, I am not going to do all of this work to have nobody care!  It is fun to do, but every artist needs an audience!

Here was the line from the Excerpt from the original Spazz and Wappy:

Just trying my hand at another program that the school board puts at my disposal!  Depending on the feedback of this post, this could become ongoing!

Well the feedback and support started pouring in, and the first three came from the TC admin:




The Early Days

So here is the first Spazz and Wappy that started it all.























When I looked back at some of the original Spazz and Wappy’s ,  I laughed at the lack of expression and simple forms that I used in those early days.  When people have asked me how long it takes me to do a wapisode, I really have no answer.  In the early days it took me longer, because I was unfamiliar with the program, but as I have gone on in the series, and learned more about the program, I have raised the expectations for myself.

Here is a sample of Spazz and Wappy #2.

Notice the simple expressions and postures, and the fact that the characters aren’t really interacting with their eyes.  Cottondonkey looks like he’s had too much coffee!   The most complicated thing in these days was the use of the crate, which I had to download as an image and load separately.







Now compare that to a more recent panel:













This one was particularly complicated involving the creation of the quantum Spazz, and adjustment of the brightness levels, and the use of several special effects and adjustments to the scene to get it where I wanted it.  So as time has gone on, I have probably increased the time it takes to make a wapisode, rather than decrease.  But to answer the question of how long:  anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, from start to finish.

The Inspiration

One of  the thing I love about writing this comic, is the fact that it really as a life of it’s own!  I sometimes don’t even know myself where the story will be going next, and what can sometimes be planned out as a four to five Wapisode event, can stretch out to ten or twenty!  The important thing for me is to not feel like I am forcing anything!  There has been many times where I have written myself into a wall, only to ave a last minute brainstorm as to how to get there.  I ave also, many many MANY times been rescued/inspired by the comments of the TC community as they try to guess where it going next, or make their own observations.

The following is a classic example.  Spazz and Wappy had to travel  home in the Hellfont provided by Eric, but it did not seem right that Wappy would just accept this form of trans-dimensional travel.  Then in the comments Bobb points out that Wappy looks like Professor X, but it is Spazz (who more resembles Gambit) that is in the wheelchair.  Suddenly I have my vehicle (and another chance to dress up poor Tim Bunn!



The Crazy Adventures

Spazz and Wappy have been embroiled in a lot of wild shenanigans in the last year!  The whole thing started as a celebration of the upcoming Moncon, which led to Spazz being in a crate from wapisodes 2-14.  Following that, we saw:

Bilal come to the “rescue”











 Team Substitute took over Spazz’s class for a while!

(with devastating consequences!)







Eventully everything did resolve, Bilal left, only to be replaced by Bobb Beauchamp who came to train Spazz and Wappy:

This was a case of “art imitating life”, as Bobb had been playing against both Wappy and myself in order to get us Moncon ready.  Seems, that he did a better job with Wappy!  🙂




Fast forward to Wapisode #61, and this is a classic example of the comments being an influence to me.  In this we see a creepy kid, who I included for no other reason that it amuse me.  But Nick Harrison’s comments and encouragement, kept him coming back!























The next big adventure was Moncon, which spanned 36 wapisodes, with some interruptions for Martian abduction, Colouring books and Chick-Fil-A!













And most recently, Spazz and Wappy have travelled (via Hellfont no less), to the Privateer Press Building where they encountered Tim Burton and learned that the whole place has been taken over by Radical apes!

Spazz and Wappy escaped the Privateer Press Building, but not before having an epic battle with the might (and Resilient ) Mega Spence-Kura!  Where will they end up next?  Heck!  Even I don’t know that!


Here are some interesting stats that I compiled about the series:

Most comments:  This is actually a two way tie!  By my count, both Bobb and Wapcaplets himself have a total of 151 comments over the course of the series!  (Yes, I did go back over every Wapisode to count!)

First guest appearance:  Cottondonkey

First non TC appearance – my girlfriend Raquel

First celebrity appearance – Jennifer Love -Hewitt

First internatioanl member appearance – Bilal

Most discussed Wapisode- #146 (where Spazz and Wappy find the mouthless PP employees)

Most encouraging comments  – Louis Brenton and Theorist – thanks so much for your encouragement!

Wapisode #111 – the Wapisode where I FINALLY learned how to make crossed eyes!  Was not as obvious as you would think!


Many Faces

To close off, I thought I would share the top three characters who have shown the most costume changes in the series:

#3 = Wappy

#2 – Spazz

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think of Spazz I think of all the crazy costume transformations that my character has undergone in the course of this comic’s life.  But Spazz is only second most in number of costumes:


#1 – The Many Faces of Tim Bunn

Why has Tim been such a whipping boy for me in this comic?  I have no idea.  Probably because, having met him, he really strikes me as having the same great sense of humour that I sensed from him in videos and podcasts I had heard prior to our meeting.  I think after the first couple of times when he was coerced by Zach, it just became more acceptable for me to turn to Tim when I need a  person to show up in some crazy get-up (besides Spazz!)



But this comic has been an incredible chance for me to give back to the community that has spawned, inspired and fed the comic to have brought it to this point today!  To celebrate, I made a montage of everyone who has eer appeared in a Spazz and Wappy (with the exception of Bitstrip Basic characters I used, and characters who are variations of other characters -e.g., Gleek Bunn).

I am planning on printing this, an making it a Moncon exclusive for anyone who is interested.

So once again, thanks everyone for all the support and praise!  This as been a great year, an I look forward to many more!