Steven Speaks: Greyjoy, Part Deux

There’s nothing quite as liberating or embarrassing as getting caught working on your deck as soon as you roll out of bed. But, for the sake of morning AGOT posterity, I thought it unwise to hide this from the masses.

Since this video, I’ve come to recognize the “discard” theme as a minimal section of an effective GJ deck. Raiders and discarding could potentially deck an opponent in a few turns, but the cards it takes to do it, the consistency of the effect, and the reliance on We Take Westeros makes it not to my liking. If you’re running Fishmonger’s Square and Nagga’s Hill, you want a healthy amount of discard. But in order to get it, you have to weaken everything else about the deck. My current iteration of the deck keeps just enough discard to trigger Asha and make Baelor a minor annoyance, but it’s slow. I’ve been considering Threat From the East as an effective plot for getting these effects going.

Intrigue challenges are also a key way to get Asha and Baelor kicking. That may be the next focus.