Sunday Funday: Quantum Leviathron!

Hello everybody! There have been a number of weekly blogs coming from the community, and other creative endeavors popping up all around, so, I decided, why not jump on the bandwagon and do the same thing? I’m calling it, Sunday Funday, because, I don’t know, it’s silly, and this is going to be a fun-themed blog!

Fake Quantum Forms

Theorist recently posted a blog, Feeling Creative: Quantum Anglax, that I really enjoyed reading, and it got me thinking about “potential” Quantum figures again. In the not-to-distant past, TC put on a little contest you may remember called Build a Quantum, with like, a bazillion entries, two of which, Quantum Aquosia and Quantum Incinerus, were mine, both doing really well, Aquosia being in the top 3, but that were in the end bested by Bobb’s Quantum Terra Khan, everybody’s favorite mascot, and a very cool version of it to boot!

I made a lot of Quantum forms for that competition, but had already designed both the forms I submitted BEFORE the competition was announced, in some kind of reply-post of someone else’s blog about potential Quantum forms that I cannot seem to locate… Anyway, I had shared a couple of the designs with other people, asking for their help. My main idea was to design forms for the series 4 & 5 monsters, all of whom, besides King Kondo, were lacking that type of Hyper form. There also happen to be a number of subpar monsters that fit the bill nearly perfectly for candidates to receive a Quantum form in the future, so I felt it was my duty to make them sing, to right the wrongs PP committed in designing them so poorly.

The monsters I chose to make Quantum forms for were: Incinerus, Aquosia, Cyber Khan, White Dajan, Hammerklak and Leviathron. Out of all of these, I think the most difficult, and the one I was never happy with, ended up being Quantum Leviathron. I just could not get that monster to do what I wanted! Today, while having some spare time waiting for a movie to start, I began reworking Quantum Leviathron from scratch. This time, I came up with a few different ideas, and will present all of them here for your perusal.

The Frenzier

I really like how the Quantum forms all sort of embody some kind of theme, except for maybe, Quantum King Kondo, but I think that’s because he was the first, and embodied the Quantum idea itself more than a concentrated King Kondo…

The challenge here was: How do a make Leviathron more shark-like? FEEDING FRENZY… Not the ability, but the representation of a real feeding frenzy, berserk state a shark instinctively snaps into at the smell of blood.

I also like designing things inside certain limitations, and when I see a pattern in the OTHER existing forms of a monster, I try to stick to it. Radial Attack is on all of Leviathron’s forms for a reason, it IS the “feeding frenzy” ability. So, could we make it pop? Another pattern I noticed was this: His Alpha has Brawl triggers, his Ultra has Power Attack triggers, and his Mega has Blast Triggers. So, what kind of triggers should his Quantum have? I like to complete a cycle, so his Quantum should have Brawl Triggers. So, can we make him a good brawler?

Here’s what I’ve come up with, playing off of both of these themes…

Quantum Leviathron #1

Speed: 7
Defense: 5
Brawl: 6A * 1B
Blast (S): 7A * 2B
Power: 7A * 2B
Health: 5
Hyper Cost: 2

Demolish (Brawl)
Blitz (Brawl)
Radial Attack (Brawl)

So, yeah, this form likes Brawling, a lot. Although we’ve seen Demolish and Blitz on the same monster before, it just seemed really fitting here, and so I put it in there. I feel like having Jump is a lot of what makes Gakura so nuts; he can just go wherever he wants and do this sort of stuff. Leviathron cannot, but also has a much higher chance to dish out more damage than Gakura, while still healing. This form will be good at gaining powerdice, that’s for sure, and can do some mean things to the opponent’s powerbase. His problem would still be getting to the opponent, and would not be able to really do a whole lot of damage once the city had been leveled. A very aggressive pedestrian though, no doubt about it.

For those of you who do not see what’s going on here, it’s like this: You can trigger Blitz to get adjacent to the enemy monster, then trigger Radial Attack, so if you can brawl ANYTHING within 2 spaces of the enemy monster, you can potentially still hurt them, move in close, then brawl something else, and hurt them again. You could brawl 2 units nearby for some p-dice, or even better, a building with a unit or the monster adjacent to it for LOTS of p-dice, much like Gakura does, but with the added bonus of still dealing damage via Radial Attack. Sometimes, you’ll be able to deal 3 damage with this monster, maybe even healing one, and if your opponent lets you, you can deal up to 6 points of damage to an enemy monster. They would, of course, have to happen to be standing next to 2 buildings with livewire, and if they are doing that, they’re asking for it anyway.

Armored doesn’t feel to too big of a deal, but it might be. I could see it being replaced with something like Riled or a Red Defense.

Oh yeah, and Pathfinder is still there, you know, for giggles.

Quantum Leviathron #2

Speed: 7
Defense: 7
Brawl: 6A * 1B
Blast (S): 7A * 2B
Power: 7A * 3B
Health: 5
Cost: 2

Radial Attack (Brawl)

Temporally Displaced

This monster is the more “serious” type of Quantum, styled more like Quantum King Kondo or Rakadon than Deimos-9 or Cthugrosh… Kept in theme, this monster has Radial Attack and Armored, but loses his trademark Pathfinder, which is pretty useless for the most part. He still likes brawling, which I feel fits, and gains Jump, a much needed movement ability. To fit the Frenzied style still, I gave him Volatile, which, I know, doesn’t SOUND right, but it’s basically a reactionary Radial Attack, so I think it fits. It plays into Armored similarly to Mega Incinerus’ Fireproof, in that bodyslamming/short throwing seems like a REALLY bad move on your part if you do it against him. His speed is pretty high and get very high for a Jumper, and with TD, he can be a force difficult to deal with. Again, aggressive, but this time, with a little more finesse, perhaps. I wanted to give him Super Stomp, but I had to make a compromise: he had to have a blue ability, like all the other Quantums, and I just couldn’t bring myself to make Radial Attack, Jump or Volatile blue.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever Sunday Funday article, and I promise, I won’t bore you all with Quantum figures forever… it was just on my mind today! Next week, I’ll bring up alternate formats!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy this shark that reminded me of Leviathron!