Swarm! Preview: Mk. VII

Finally finished the art for the 10th and final Frame for the base game, the Mk. VII!

One of my main goals in designing the frames was to strive for eclecticism. In general, the Swarm! Universe ranges from soft sci-fi to downright pillowy, so most of the frames err to the side of super robot over real mecha, but I knew early on that it was still a demographic that needed to be addressed. Mk. VII ended up giving me some trouble in that regard, because it ended up being forced to cover a lot of ground! Mechwarrior and Metal Gear were the big influences, but I also wanted it to be a subtle nod to the NeoCom monsters from Project V. I imagine over 5,000 years, there’d be more upgrades to the Nizteele than 7 models, but whatever!

Sorry for the lack of updates, by the way. Since transitioning into development and business matters, there’s less stuff I can actually show you, but that doesn’t mean work isn’t being done. It’s just boring budget stuff.