SWLCG – OCTGN Tournament!

I’m planning on running an online tournament on OCTGN if I can find enough people interested.  I’d tentatively like to send out initial pairings next weekend, so jump over to FFG’s forums and the thread I started there with your OCTGN username if you’re interested.  If you don’t have a FFG account and/or refuse to use their forums because of how horribly slow they are, feel free to post here as well.  The tournament will be swiss, but I haven’t decided on the exact scoring method yet (Update: now that the official tournament rules are posted, we will use those).  As there are no prizes or any such things at stake, I plan on playing too.  Should be good practice for regionals!

If you’re new to OCTGN, I found this website to be a useful resource when learning it myself.

Participants (OCTGN UN):

1. red5ccg

2. doctormungmung

3. yobo93

4. jzwink

5. marcr

6. sageleader

7. grover3870

8. warren12

9. Erthafein

10. Shikaku

11. MasterJediAdam

12. ScottNJ

13. Hucklebarry

14. brad_harrington

15. agnos

16. Jedi_Knight

17. nckball

18. Bazeleel

19. Chlemtil

20. JMCB




I’m excited by all of the participation!  I’m hoping to post the round 1 pairings either Friday night or Saturday morning.  Exact tournament rules will be posted at that time, unless FFG posts them between now and then.  I will be double posting everything here and on the FFG forum thread linked above.  Spread the word!


Gary Hall recently posted a blog with Nick Harrison that also goes through how to play on OCTGN.  Also, I’m going to set the registration deadline for 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, 2/28.  Basically, I’m going to go with the list as I have it when I get to it on Friday, so while you might be able to sneak it after midnight, post before the end of Thursday to be guaranteed a spot.


Round 1 posted!