TC: Need help filling out a Brath list….

So I’m looking for thoughts with a Brath list that I’ll be bringing to a larger tourney this weekend. The goal of the overall list is to bring a list that is a Falcon counter as they are likely to be very heavily played. Phantoms have not been seen in the local area and the top players aren’t playing them for various reasons, so I’m not building a list to worry about that.

Each of the following lists start with Brath+Out+HCL. I’m fine with him being tweaked a bit, but I like the combination of these two on him to start considering the purpose of the list and also the likelihood of 3PO.

Here are the buddies I’ve thought about bringing with him, most of which have seen the table a couple of times
each at least:

3 ship build:
Delta with HCL

I’ve gotten two games in with this list and it ripped up a 3 ship rebel list and then took down a Han list shortly after despite Backstabber going down early. A 2 hull delta and nearly full Brath faced down a full Han and got me the win by the end.

Mini Swarms:
*Backstabber, 3x Academies
*Academy, Saber w/Out, Black Sq w/Pred

I’ve had success with the mini swarm in a small 12 player tourney, making the top table with Mithel w/VI, Backstabber and an Alpha along with Brath but dropped to a two falcon build quickly as he was taking down a TIE a round (and it didn’t help that I couldn’t land any hits, but I’m not sure it would have mattered). The list had destroyed 3/3 falcons before that last game. Side note: I like Mithel and can play him well , but his lack of long range punch in a falcon meta really hurt, which is why my other mini-swarms have pulled him in favor of points elsewhere (Iike a BSP with Pred, who I think will be useful against Z-95s and put out more consistent damage).

As you can see, I don’t build lists that need to fly together.

Any thoughts or tweaks or different combinations of a small swarm you’d put together? Thanks in advance!