Templates Update: Divided Range Rulers & New Colors!

Covenant Templates 2 continue to make our office X-Wing games better, and from the feedback that we’ve received, all of you are enjoying them as well. We’re constantly made aware of how lucky we are to be able to envision and produce products like these, and more importantly, to have the support of a worldwide community behind us. That’s why we’re constantly inspired to push ahead.

We’ve played quite a few games with our Covenant Templates at this point, and aside from some beautiful tokens to go with the set (patience we must have), there was an obvious improvement ready to be made. Things became obvious when measuring the distance between tight formations of ships. On more than a few occasions, ships were slid out of place, and in some cases, knocked completely over. Imagine those infomercials where someone is trying to do a basic task and failing miserably – that’s basically what actually happens in X-Wing when excited, shaky hands attempt to use a range ruler.

So instead of allowing such a lame phenomenon to continue, we took our range ruler and divided it into two segments. The first is the 1-section, while the second is the 1- and 2-section. With those two segments and a range ruler, you have a way to effectively measure all three distances in a risk-free way. After a bit of tweaking, we’re happy to announce that these divided range rulers are now available for sale! We had been playing with a “if you move my ship in any way, I get to punch you in the brain” rule, so if nothing else, it’s really good for our company.

Maybe that’s the reason we also decided to introduce three phenomenal new colors! We’ve got a nice darker green, a deeper blue, and a really lusty dark purple. You can now bling out your X-Wing games more than ever, and really get the perfect color to match your force and personality.

If this is something you’re interested in, check out the updated Templates page, where you can find each of these new offerings, including divided range rulers in all of the available template colors!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, just contact us at any time. We’re here for you, because you’re always here for us. Fly casual, copilots.

Watch Out for Asteroids,