The lack of local scene

I was in my local comic shop the other afternoon.  My friend and I were looking to bring our figs and just play a game or two in the back room.  The store was dead, the proprietor said it was fine.  We set up, start playing, and somewhere in the middle the shopkeeper offers his two cents.  Paraphrasing, he said, “With so many sites online offering to sell full armies and singles it takes away from the store-based CMG sales, which in turn leads to a lack of a local scene, and ultimately a game’s failure.  So that’s why we stopped ordering Monsterpocalypse.”

Since I found Team Covenant it’s reinvigorated my love for MonPoc, but I sure as sugar made my mind up to not go buying stuff in random boxes.  I’ve ordered several things from eBay and just ordered an army from TC.  As a shopkeeper of a video game store, I can empathize with his concern since he sees no product moving.  Since the hobby is centered around people gathering together and playing it’s good to have a place to go and play that offers the chance to meet new people.

What would it change for the business to not be collectible?  Should it?  Would that put too much of a hurt on PP, or would they just need to do more demographic research to find out which figures to overproduce?  My apologies if this topic’s been done to death, I’ve not had the chance to catch up on old posts.