The Spoils 2nd Edition – Magnifying Glass Required

Second edition is here! For those unfamiliar, Second Edition is a reprint of First Edition and First Edition: Part Two. BUT, there is a caveat. Not all the cards from the first two sets are going to be reprinted and presumably that means that those left out of Second Edition will no longer be tournament legal. Will this affect the meta in a drastic way? Will certain decks no longer be able to function? Will Research Investment make it through the cut?

All of these questions we’re just dying to know the answers to. And now we have them! …kinda. Michael posted this morning that all of the cards that made it to Second Edition are going to be revealed via Word Puzzle, starting with the Commons. The best part? One random solver of the word puzzle will get a complete set of Second Edition, and one random solver (even if incorrect) will get a set of foil rares.

This is exciting news and an extremely creative way to keep us on our toes. Great job, AT! Now, get to solving!